H store in Melbourne

  1. I am about to make an order for my first birkin probably in a size 30.

    Is there any chance of seeing an actual birkin from the store in Melbourne as I will be going there in November? I haven't actually seen a birkin in person as I live about 6 hours away from the nearest H store.:sad:
  2. If you're ordering with Melbourne, I'd call before you go and ask the manager what she has in for you to see.
  3. I am going to Melbourne only for a holiday but was hoping to see a birkin in person. I was hoping to make my first birkin purchase but after reading people's experiences on this forum I realise it is almost impossible to get one immediately.
  4. There is a pretty good chance they will have one when you go.

    - oh gosh, realised we are talking about Melbourne in different countries. Sorry!