H store in KL, Malaysia

  1. I am going to KL on Thursday, is there any chance of obtaining a birkin from the KLCC store? Also, is there any SA anyone can recommend?

  2. kelly88, birkins are hard to come by here, I have never seen one in the store but kellys, sometimes. They do have a wonderful range of other things ; scarves,bracelets, bags,belts,shoes, RTW...all the SAs are equally nice, so just pick the 1st one who greets you...Have a nice visit!
  3. Thanks medusa2020.
  4. I'm going there in November. How was the H*store? Any nice bags?
  5. Just saw your post here, since you are from Europe, you have better chances of finding bags in Europe,here only the occasional kelly but lots of Evelynes,GPTs, Picotins,etc... pricewise too, Europe is a lot easier on the wallet. HTH
  6. Sorry KLCC is rare with Kelly and Birkins. Saw Constance, Evelyne, Massai, Plume when I was there 3 mths ago?
  7. Thanks for you both! Will head to Paris for bags then..;) and KL for nice weather!
  8. Try drop by Hermes new flagship store at Pavilion. It's a duplex store and they have lots of things inside ... am contemplating of placing my first Birkin order soon or next year :biggrin:
  9. During my visit in Septeber 08 @ KLCC, I was shown a white & toile combo HAC, it was retailing at around RM30K ++ and its a size 32cm.
  10. I visited the Pavilion store last summer. I didn´t see any Birkins there but the service was so amazing! A male SA was helping me and I was impressed. I only bought an agenda but we discussed about scarves and travelling for an hour.
  11. eulalia, that's the SA i usually go to. he is a dear.
  12. Bumping this thread :party:

    I'm off to KL tomorrow for the weekend. How are the stores in KL? What's the inventory on bags like? I'm hoping for a lindy :presents
  13. i was in KLIA (the airport) last year and there had quite a few of Lindy. Visited H store at Pavillion this Feb and there was a giant Kelly. Can't remember if i saw any Lindy
  14. Thanks Madame H! I hope I can find my dream lindy.. looks like stocks might be okay.

    Don't suppose you remember the price?