H store around NY?

  1. I'm thinking of getting a purse or a shoulder birkin, if possible, around NY. Is there any sale thing like that in Paris here?
    I'll probably go to Carribean and France some time, unfortunately not in Jan, so would it be cheaper there or just some local store in nyc or jfk airport?
  2. what "sale thing"? I dont understand.

    if u are in nyc right now, Vintage collections, a dealer, has an ebene JPG birkin avail
  3. I think she's asking if they have "sample" sales in NY as they do in Paris?
    If that was in fact the question, the answer is yes, but there are NEVER Birkins there. Or at JFK airport, for that matter.
    I think Fisch for the Hip in NYC also has a JPG (shoulder) Birkin, or at least they did when I was in there not that long ago.