H stopper on zippers introduced?

  1. Does anyone know what year Hermes introduced the H stopper on all the zippers? I have a F stamped Kelly and there is no H stopper on the zipper.

    Any help is appreciated. TIA.
  2. They first came out around 2001. But don't worry, they sometimes don't have an H at the end of the zipper. One of my newer bags doesn't have an H and it came straight from the boutique.
  3. HG, Thanks for the quick reply. :smile:

    So Hermes does not put the H stopper on every bag even now? Is there a reason why they put it on some but not others?
  4. ^^^They probably like to mess with our heads and drive us crazy.:p Seriously, it could just be oversight on the part of the manufacturere, Eclair.