H Spring Cleaning .....

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  1. I decided to do some H spring cleaning today. Afterall it's been months, and I have been very disorganised with my things. Everytime I need something, I have to open up practically a few of my orange boxes before I locate what I want. And if I were in a hurry to leave the house, my closet would look like a tornado swept through it.

    I labelled all my Birkins/Kellys' boxes. And am happy I got down to it.

    Then, I did what I should have done eons ago. Organise my twillys as well. This is what I did. Put away all the little tubes, and lay my twilly collection in one scarf box.

    I am not done yet ..... I need to sort out the small leather accessories next!
  2. MrsS... when I first read the title of the thread, I was all ready to jump in and volunteer to be your karang guni woman! :roflmfao:

    (For the benefit of the rest: karang guni is a local term for the person who collects old newspapers and recycles them; it is used as a slang to mean a person who collects someone else's junk)
  3. So pretty! Ok, I now need Twillies!
  4. i love your twillys :smile:
  5. It's very satisfying sorting everything out isn't it. I had a little tidy up the other day and found two items with hardware tarnishing problems. They are in Paris now (I hope) getting fixed.
  6. I have been doing spring cleaning of my dd's bedroom, closet. Kind of scary! Sounds like I need you to organize my closet.
  7. *chants* more pics, more pics, more pics......
  8. MrsS please come to my home and help me with my closet.
  9. MrsS-love your twilly collection. More pics please!!
  10. I am with pyrexia, I am next in line to be your karang guni woman.
  11. Go MrsS! Love re-organizing. I just put away all my Plisses in one box and put away the annoying round ones they come in that were hogging up a lot of space in my dresser. Looking forward to seeing how your re-org you leather accessories!
  12. Looks great, you can definitely get them faster than from those little boxes.
  13. MrsS--More pics. :smile:
    You have a very gorgeous Twilly collection. :smile:
  14. pyrexia and princessfrog--if there are any castoffs from mrss to be had, you'll have to battle me, and I'm bigger than the 2 of you put together!;)
  15. asa :heart: *raise white flag* we all can learn to share ;)