H Sightings...but in July Bazaar!

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  1. Just sat down for a cup of Joe, opened my July issue of Bazaar and there staring me in the face are numerous H bags in the Fabulous At Every Age section!

    Iman looking stunning with what I believe is Black Croc Kelly :heart:
    Fantastic drool-worthy Taupe Suede Birkin with Silver HW :love:
    Carmen Dell'Orefice with what looks like a vintage Croc Kelly!!!!! Exactly like the one LZ had (and maybe still has) on their site for sale....

    Ok....be still my heart.... :heart: :heart:
  2. Oops...spoke too soon.

    Ashley Olsen with her black birkin,
    Gorgeous Brown Croc Birkin on the arm of a model wearing Marc Jacobs....

    and that's all ffffolks....
  3. Can you scan and post photos!!
  4. I can try to take pics because I don't have a scanner.....oh are they lovely! OK, let me try!
  5. Saw them too shopmom!
  6. Kelly bag....does this mean we're seriously.......addicted?!?!?!

    Ok gals....here's some fotos...
    mag1.jpg mag2.jpg
  7. Iman has been always looks stunning.

    Chic, chic, lady. Muackzzzzzzzzz.
  8. the one on the model looks matte... oui.. it's TDF! so love chocolate!
  9. We are programmed to spot them!!!

    Is that Baggaholic I see???? I love you girl...where have you been?
  10. oh wow, thanks so so much. that's fabulous. i love carmen dell'orefice! what size would you venture her bag is (i know it's mostly obscured), 28? like LZ? they let me see and try that one on while i was in the shop. in a word, i would say it's transformative. seriously did not recognize myself for a minute in the mirror.
  11. Saw these, too! Whenever I get my new Vogue and Bazaar every month, I always flip through to find any Hermes bags!
  12. oh i just love iman and carmen those two are what i consider as timeless gorgeous chic but with a twist :love:

    thanks soo much for posting :flowers:
  13. yes, we zero right in there
  14. HiHeels.....I would have LOVED to try that bag on! I'll bet it was just a stunner....and though I love the exotics and am always attracted to them, I just can't see one (except for Ostrich) fitting in my lifestyle right now....:sad:
  15. HiHeels....is this the one you tried on at LZ???? I drool over this bag every time I see it but......it's such a stunning bag and from the 50's! I WISH I could justify this type of purchase but, alas, no can do. :cry: