H sighting in a movie

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  1. I was watching The Devil Wears Prada again earlier... and could have sworn I sighted an H?

    Towards the end when Andy calls Emily to ask if she could do her the favor of taking the clothes she had from Paris off of her hands... Emily is seen with a black box CDC on the hand that's holding the phone? :nuts: Did anyone else catch this?

    I tried to do a search on this, but didn't find anything...
  2. John, what is a CDC? Is it a purse?

  3. A CDC is a bracelet right?
  4. ^^^Yeah, the CDC is the Collier de Chien bracelet.
  5. Ok, watching right now...

    Alright, it's either croc or gator, and you will be pleased to know that I got *right* up against the tv screen to be sure. :smile: The scales are small, so whatever that means. :smile:

    But, yeah...you're right. :smile:
  6. Yeah, I saw it.:tup: Very good eyes indeed.
  7. I saw Cate Blanchett carry a Kelly in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
  8. Yes, a CDC indeed. Lots of H in the movie. The plate that breaks in the sink, the scarves that go flying all over the place, and the scarf Miranda is wearing in the last scene...that's all I can think of at the moment
  9. Sex and the City: Birkin 30
    The Women: Birkin 35
  10. Also the blanket that Carrie is curled up in after the almost wedding is H
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    Last edited: Jan 13, 2009

    I saw it, too. :yes:

    It scares me how many designers I could ID in that movie. :wtf:

    If you've seen Hitch, you've obviously seen the belt that Will Smith wears. What takes a bit more squinting is the toile/box Bolide that the Allegra Cole character is carrying when she is walking onto her yacht near the end of the flick. I was feeling pretty smug that I caught that one. :supacool:

    Ooo, remembered more: I think it was in Maid in Manhattan that Jennifer Lopez's friend in the movie has a brown 35 (?) Birkin. The Caroline Lane character also had a couple of Birkins.
  12. Another one! I've never been 100% sure on this one, but I believe that it's a Whitebus that Sandra Bullock's character lugs around in Two Weeks Notice.
  13. I just saw that! I was wondering if it was a Whitebus. It was gorgeous.

  14. Just tracked down the right movie: Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

    I knew it wasn't the Jennifer Lopez movie! :Push: