H shopping in Palm Desert CA?

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  1. Does anyone know of any Hermes shopping in Palm Desert/Palm Springs CA?
  2. None- there is H shopping in Beverley Hills and Costa Mesa at South Coast Plaza.

    Great weather in Palm Desert- was just there two weeks ago.
  3. Darn-I thought there was maybe something new in Palm Desert I didn't know about......I'm going to be there over Thanksgiving. I did look at going to SCP but I think it's quite a ways and the weekend traffic.....
  4. Double darn! Oh well. I'll be near some stores soon enough. I do need me some sun! We have had some seriously gray rainy days lately.
  5. No H-shopping in Palm Springs BUT they have one of the best outlet malls there if you want to do some shopping.

  6. There is always the shops on El Paseo and there is a small mall on El Paseo as well.
  7. Thanks ladies! I knew you would know where all the good stuff is!
  8. DH and I used to go to Palm Springs and Palm Desert (they're right close) pretty regularly, and my best advice to you is go there to relax and enjoy yourself. There's light recreational shopping that can be a lot of fun, but just savor the desert resort lifestyle and save your H shopping chops for SCP . If you enjoy botanic gardens, it's fun to spend a few hours at the Living Desert. Haven't been there in a while (family obligations got hectic), but it was beautifully done and well worth the time. Have fun!
  9. ^^ That's a great suggestion! Thanks!
  10. ..well if its sun you want....

    perhaps a mai tai with cobaltblu in Wakiki???? hmmmm???

    You know you wanna.............
  11. I do! I do! I'm coming back in March!!