H SF Meet and Greet...February???

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  1. A SF meet-up for H gals??? LOL...there may be no store inventory, but sounds like we would have an amazing time over cocktails... Hmmm...perhaps a small Valentine's treat???

    I will initiate discussion here... Would February be a good time to meet? Haha...possibility for NY follow-up later... :smile:

    What do you think?
  2. Sounds great to me!!!! :yahoo:
  3. I'm there!!!!!!!! Count me in!!!!
  4. Yeah!!!

    My schedule for February is pretty flexible, so will let others ID best/not good times.
  5. Sounds great!

    Maybe I will even have found my bag by then . . . (fingers crossed)
  6. Count me in! The only weekend I will not be able to do is 2/16-2/18 - otherwise I am all open =)
  7. Yeah, baby!

    Is a Saturday preferred? (LOL...I am flexible...)

    Not sure if any are sports fans, but the first weekend of February is "Superbowl" weekend...

    Second Saturday would be the 10th.

    Third is "out".

    Fourth is the 24th.
  8. Any Saturday works for me...my schedule is very flexible so whenever! :shame:
  9. Oh I would totally be interested! I've already seen Crochetbella in passing! :smile:
  10. Yeah Kat, we have to finally, actually meet! :wlae:
  11. I most likely can't do February. I'm going to Singapore for part of that month and then for the other part of that month, I think I have a friend coming from oversea (I HOPE I hear from her soon, it's been months)
  12. I can't do SF in Feb :crybaby: (will be in London/Paris:yahoo: ). I am up for the NYC meet.....
  13. i might do SFO instead of paris (i'll be 6 months prego then)....hmmmm.....
  14. I would like to go to NYC ... provided that someone is willing to share a room with me <-- The Residential Cheapskate
  15. Can I come???.. I might lose my H Virginity... Or I can just hope across the street and go to Louis :smile: BUT.. I am eyeing a scarf.....