1. New York Times article today page A29....about how so many luxury design houses are utilizing cheap labor from China to make 90% of an item, then shipping them back to their Western European countries to be finished the remaining 10%, therefore allowing them to be labeled Made in Italy, France, etc. H obviously, and hopefully, will never employ this dispicable tactic, but........they "readily told" the writer of the article that some of its' silk scarves were "hemmed by hand" in Mauritius due to cheaper labor. Mauritius is an island nation off the coastof South Africa, east of Madagascar.

    Of my numerous H scarves, NONE say Made in Mauritius, so does this mean H also "finishes" them in france, so that they may label it attractively? HHHMMMMMMM.......:confused1:
  2. This was discussed in the Deluxe book but I don´t remember the details. H was open in the book about this matter. I´m sure someone else remembers.
  3. Huh?
  4. Mine say made in France...my sister just picked one up in Boston...also says made in France.
  5. Yes says but that´s what the OP is trying to say; they say made in france but are not actually totally made in france.
  6. I really need to get this book! It's making lots of waves.
  7. If they are hemmed in Mauritius, then the final touch - the sewing on of the care tag with 3 stitches - is probably done in France.
  8. My sister is going to be in the store in less than 30 mins. I'll have her ask my SA.
  9. It is no wonder fake handbags are coming out of China at warp speeds. THEY KNOW EXACTLY HOW THEY ARE CONSTRUCTED, SINCE THEY DO THE CONSTRUCTING THEMSELVES!! Not so (thaankfully) for H bags. As far as I know, the process from beginnig to end is at their Parisian workshops.
  10. Of course they're not made in Paris, they're made in France. ;) And isent' mauritius a part of france still? OOps, or maybe not, confusing with the other islands around that area. LOl never mind. ^_^
  11. I agree agree agree with Liberte....by the way that's my middle name!!
  12. I went to check the book since my memory is so lame; it just says when they talk about a Mauritius factory "Hermes had some scarves finished there". It´s in past-tense so maybe they don´t do it anymore:shrugs:
  13. ^^^not past tense in the article i read today, unfortunately. and no Mauritius is not a domaine of France...it is it's own island nation.
  14. Anyway, the most part of the scarves (designing, printing) are made in France so that´s why they put the label made in france:yes:
  15. OK I edited my post, but apparantly some of it needs to be in writing still.

    Even though a lot of factories have been closing in europe and some production is moved to other countries with lower living costs and lower wages, the fabric industry and other industries are still resent in countries like italy, france, germany and others.

    example taken from wikipedia:
    Finally it seems like companies are being more frank these days. Many high end and luxury brands are putting tags with the right country of origin on it, like coach, burberry and prada being good examples putting tags like hong kong, bulgaria and vietnam on their items.

    I'm not really questioning whatever is in that article (I have only read parts of it), but I'd hate for everyone to think "china" when the label says made in italy as it's supposed to mean something. But it deosent' mean that the item as a whole was grown, plucked, processed and finished in that country (btw it never did mena that. They do f.ex. not grow crocodiles in france, but many croc purses are and were rightfully still "made in france")