H scarves from the set of Will and Grace

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  1. I was at Universal Studios (re-living my childhood!) in LA the other day and there's a gift shop that sells Will and Grace memorabilia. They have Hermes scarves that were worn in the show by Karen Walker for sale. The pleated one was $300 and the regular one was $350.

    They also had Prada loafers worn by Will, Dolce & Gabbana suit worn by Karen, and a Prada fur scarf worn by Grace, among other things.

    During the back lot tour, we actually got to see a really quick glimpse of them filming Desperate Housewives!
  2. What fun! Thanks for sharing.
  3. WOW did you take home anything?
  4. Wow, that is kind of fun! Definitely a new twist on souvenirs!
  5. They didn't have the red Birkin Karen's dog poopped into?!:nuts:
  6. ^^lol loved that episode! Besides the Birkin cameo I thought it was one of the funniest ones from that season.
  7. I love Will and Grace! Have never seen the Birkin-episode though!