H Scarves...Do they grow on you?

  1. I am not sure what to think of some of the scarf patterns... Do they grow on you? Are you either an H scarf girl or you are not? Anyone love the bags, but not sure about the scarves?

    I tried on several cashmere shawls today. I have to admit, some of the designs make me think :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: ... (She runs and ducks for cover...)

    I purchased what seems to me to be a relatively simple (for H), classic design... Is there a story behind the astrologie (unsure of spelling) scarves?
  2. Once upon a time I felt that all these ladies with scarves around their necks were quite older than me (I am 32) but I have to say that I now love to wear them. Hermes scarves come in such a vast array of choices and colours that you are sure to find something that will tickle your fancy. I have found though that the cashmere choices are quite limited. I only have mousseline (chiffon), the traditional silk and plisse (pleated ones) that are quite dramatic. I really think if you go into a larger boutique and look at all the silk ones you will fall in love with something. Having a scarf ring helps out alot in getting them to look like the photos in the little book.
  3. I can relate to your uncertainty--I love the scarves from an aesthetic point, i love the art, the history, the craftmanship--and yet every day i put one on first one way, then another, then I'm running terribly late for work and then decide it's too formal and I take it off! I wear them mostly as belts or tied to a bag--but a few weeks ago I was in the store and I saw a woman with a cashmere shawl, the Jungle Love pattern and I was smitten! The SA tracked one down for me and i adore it--it's wearable art IMO. I say keep playing, keep your eyes out for the one that's YOU.
  4. I love, love, love them!!!!! They are wearable works of art. I wear them to decorate my bags and myself. They are worn as belts, in my hair, as a shawl.
  5. Thanks, all. I was thinking about a tweedee, but it was not available for view at my local H store... Couldn't do the chili peppers, kachinas, Indian chief, large deer on my back, etc... I am starting with the astrologie shawl (primary colors are black, white, and gold).
  6. i used to think they were for old ladies, but now i think they are very classy, and now, very modern...yet still classy... it rocks and even though i havent gotten one yet... i will, when i find one to my liking...
  7. If you can go to Hermes when they aren't busy ans an SA can spend some time playing dress-up with you :nuts: , you may discover you love scarves, patterns colorways you never thought you would. Just this week I asked about how to do the various scarves as tops. She pulled out a plisse (don't know the name)with the almost abstract Eiffel Tower--lots of swirling shapes. It was black and orange, purple and some other colors I wouldn't normally pick. When she tied it on me, the design flowed with my shape and was so flattering, my mouth dropped opened. :amazed: It wasn't a design that I could imagined framed or something, and if had it just been shown to me from the display case, I would have immediately declined to consider it. I didn't buy it but I haven't been able to stop thinking about it...so you all know what that means.:sneaky:
  8. Does anyone have a good reference page/book on how to wear scarves, etc.? I don't have enough confidence to wear them and I think they look great.
  9. Go to Hermes.com and click on the "play with your scarves" section.

    I love experimenting with mine, they are so much fun! :smile:
  10. I believe that while not everyone may be a scarf person, there is a scarf pattern for everyone. It's just a matter of finding the right "one." I really wanted to love the Hermes scarf since I've always admired how they looked on other people, and it was such an iconic and elegant accessory, but for the longest time I just never saw one that really clicked with me. I had high hopes of finding one in a colorway that both worked on me and had a glorious and meaningful pattern. So I started scanning the scarves on eBay until one day I saw the Turandot in the orange colorway and it hit me--it was the ONE! Now it's mine and I love it...I just need to practice tying it. :P
  11. SoCal, when you are in the H shop look at them; you will fall in love with the right one. Some of the designs leave me cold, but others grab me by the throat and whisper " buy me now" (in an irresistible French accent of course).That is how I choose. But I have had plenty of practise, since I have no H bags I tend to go a bit wild with the scarves to make up for it.
    Let us know when you choose....
  12. I love H scarves! Didn't even know anything about anything before I got my Birkin and def was NOT a scarf-wearing person. But now, my appreciation for Hermes scaves has grown immensely. I look forward to checking out what's in my store and regularly browse Hermes.com just to gaze at some of the designs. And I've been wearing my scarves too, every time I go out!

    I do agree though that there are some designs there that are kinda WTH?? Lol! Or some look really pretty laid flat but a bit bleh when folded.
  13. I absolutely love them and they are the epitomy of the classy lady. They remind me of my grandma and great-grandmother.

    My problem right now is my lifestyle and the wearability factor. In time, I feel I will be able to work them in my wardrobe a bit more.

    First yo have to love them and second, I feel they have to work in your life/lifestyle.
  14. My lifestyle at the moment is too casual to wear a scarf - except for special events. The weather in South Florida too does not permit scarfs if I am running around. I do tho love to decorate my birkin with twillys and pocket scarfs to reflect the season/my mood. Therefore, I love 'em for my bag and look forward to wearing when I travel.
  15. That's interesting, Sus. Do you think scarf wear/comfort is related to region? I don't see too many scarves in SoCal either...(LOL, except when I visit Hermes...)