H scarves & care tags

  1. Do you or do you not cut off the care tags on H scarves?

    I know all the scarf experts depend on the care tag to authenticate H scaves. So if I don't ever intend to resell any of my H scarves (which are all bought from my H store, by the way), do you think it would be alright for me to cut them off? I do find them rather irritating (sorry). Whenever I wear my scarf, and the care tag shows, it makes me feel like I am wearing a garment inside out, showing the care tag.

    I actually would have cut off the care tags alot sooner, if not for all the authentication posts that I'd come across. :lol:
  2. I don't see anything wrong with it. It is annoying, esp if you're wearing as a top, as you said. A few of mine are coming off by themselves, just from normal wear and handling. I don't think they're stitched to the scarf all that securely.

    ETA: hmm... I dunno where I got that you were wearing it as a top. Just re-read your post, lol. Must've been from pics I've seen. I tell ya, my brain is in some sort of time-warp or something today.
  3. Thank you, SN. But yes, you are right. I usually wear it as a top. :love:

    Thank you, Handbybags for the link to the old thread. I'm embarrassed now. :shame: I didn't search the archives thoroughly enough.
  4. Oh gosh no please don't be - it helped me when I wondered about the tags and that's why I remembered it.

    I hope it helps you. :heart:
  5. I keep them on, they don´t bother me
  6. They come easily off because they aren't supposed to be on. It's not a part of the design of the scarf and it's not comfortable or pretty when they peek out. It's like keeping the tag on a tux or blazer for guys.
  7. i hate the care tags and snip them off right away -- i don't like when they show, and i don't like to be bothered with making sure i fold them so they don't.

    the only exception is that if i have a very old scarf with the teeny-tiny care tag on it i usually leave those. i don't know why i make an exception for them, though!
  8. I keep them on, they don't bother me.
  9. I cut them off for about half of them, usually the ones with white tags on dark borders so they especially show if I dont take em off. I also hated the extra long thin tags that H used during the late 80s and most of the 90s so those ones almost always go.
  10. I leave them on. I never wear my scarves as tops, and I fold them so that the care tag remains hidden, so they don't bother me.
    The exceptions would be the older long tags as Seton mentioned--those are annoying and flap around, and I usually get rid of them.
  11. I would like to cut them off, but can't do so neatly (i.e., close enough to the hem). :sad:
  12. I have been thinking about this.

    what about the folds in there..the original folds when you steam them out when getting out wrinkles?

    i was steaming a scarf the other day i never intend to sell and I was trying to keep the folds in there and I didn't know why....I did this. my husband thought I was crazy
  13. Hi Beaumonde.....and anyone who needs help....
    I never take mine out myself. I don't have tidy fingers. My dressmaker takes mine off for me. If u have a dressmaker, she won't charge you. If not, it shouldn't be more than $5.
  14. I dislike them and snip them off. I do however, keep them in individually labeled envelopes so I know which scarves they belong to (along with the store tag with the ref numbers and receipts).