H scarfs

  1. This might seem silly but I only use my scarfs to accessorize my bags.. How do you use yours? I need some inspiration :graucho: don't be shy and show me some visuals.
  2. Crazyshopper, there are a number of threads on this forum that discuss tying scarves, including one or two just on tying pochettes and twillys.

    One recent thread that we've been having a lot of fun with lately is the following in which we share which scarf we're wearing and includes some pictures as well.


    Be patient and I'll post a few more links for you. Also, the Hermes in Action thread shows members wearing scarves as well as their bags and other Hermes items. You won't go long without inspiration on how to wear your Hermes items if you hang around this sub-forum.
  3. thanks! :smile: