H Sandals, Prices, Colors, Leathers. Any Info?

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  1. I do not live near an H location (closest is 5 hours!) but I am saving my money for my big annual Palm Beach trip in late February.

    I desperately want to get a few things at Hermes when I'm there and need to know the price of these sandals (sorry, this is the only pic I could find):


    I want a very easy color to go with a lot of things, possibly black, tan, or some metallic if they make it. I also saw a croc version in fuschia at the Madison Avenue store when I was there in November. Does anyone have info on these? Obviously figures after the price hike would be better, but if you only know the current price, that's helpful too!

    Thanks in advance... much appreciated!
  2. Kolibriszuka, I'm looking for the same sandals. I want them in tan or beige. Attached is a picture that I found in the Stars thread. If I find out the retail price, I'll share it with you. I'm in the U.S. Happy hunting.
  3. ^^ Is that Elle MacPherson? I do love the sandals. You should SEE the FUSCHIA CROC ones! They are unbelievable! We can hunt together!
  4. I just paid $710 for the studded ones and $495 for he gold ones.
  5. Awesome! Only $495 for gold?! Thanks!

  6. I would go for the fuschia! If you are going to make a statement, then make a statement!
  7. omg they are so affordable? :nuts: Does anyone know the price in Europe?
    Do they run TTS? I can't hop on a plane just to do some shoe shopping (would love to, though :lol:), so I might have to order them by phone.
  8. I think there may be a few of us looking for those gorgeous Sandals. I called Houston and they have then in the Hermes Orange if anyone is interested. 7-7.5 if I recall.
  9. Omg Elle looks smashing in that picture!!
  10. Thanks for your insight. I'm hoping to find a pair in the tan or neutral tone. The search is on!
  11. I just bought a pair of the black ones...just an FYI but I really needed a 6.5, but the SA told me there are no more sizes smaller than 7 in the database?
    So I bought 1/2 size up, and they turned out to be fine. I can definitely see how people have remarked that it seems to do better on a wide foot....my foot is wide and they stretch a good bit when walking. I'll probably have to even wind up putting some pads in eventually.

    Interestingly, I ordered them from Neiman's in Troy, MI and they were $445, but the same pair at the BH store was $475.

    I want a pair of brown ones like Elle's next!
  12. Argh! Sounds so cute!!! Unfortunately DH instituted a shopping ban and I am without my CCs:hysteric: Maybe next year.
  13. Really really want these, but was informed that the stores did not order them in black for S/S.

    If anyone sees them in black in a 35, please let me know!