H sale HK - free admission to public

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  1. i always thought that for sales an invitation is needed
    at least for the ones in shanghai and beijing

    so when i was offered an invitation to the one in hong kong i thought nothing of it
    until i heard that the h sale in hk does not require invitations...

    any intel on this?
  2. Anyone know when will the H public sale in Hong Kong be held? Thanks!

  3. Next Friday, Sat in Conrad starts from 10:30
  4. Thanks so much for the info, @purplegirl1211! Btw, do u mean the 20th of May or May 27th? Thanks!
  5. My SA called last week telling me she has an invitation for me but the dates are 18/19 of May. Maybe the invitation is for preview of sale, before it opens to public?
  6. The sale is open to the public starting the 20th. With a "VIP" invite, you can go either on the 18th or 19th. Your invite will have your specific allotted time and date printed on it.
  7. What's usually on offer at the Hk sale?
  8. Usually no leather goods or ties.. Mostly Ready to wear, shoes (including boots) and a few scarves
  9. thank you ladies for the intel

    i worry that the wait in the general line isnt worth the merchandise
    do we know what percentage is marked off by chance?
  10. For the public sale, the line was around 2-3 hours wait, and gets worse the later you arrive. Whether it's worth the wait depends on what you are looking for. I remember most ready to wear and footwear were around 50% off or slightly more.. best deals were on the leather boots, but those get hoarded within the first hour.
  11. let us know the results should you be going today/tmr :biggrin:
  12. Stopped by the sale today. Most things are 50% off. There are scarves and ties but those are limited to 5 each customer (5 scarves, 5 ties). There are shoes and rtw (both men and women). In terms of selection of goods, it's not as good as previous years but still ok.
  13. Thanks so much for the update! Btw, what time does the sale open in the morning?
  14. the sale is from 10:30am ~ 7:30pm
  15. thanks dear for the well compiled cheatsheet since i have no access to the vip sale
    i really want to know if its worth the wait - i work both general sale days and probably have to take off work to stand in line