H Receipts

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  1. What do you do with your H receipts? File them up? Throw away? Scan and store?

    Whatever you do, do not do a Grands Fonds. Adding up might just give you a heart attack.
  2. I keep them, MrsS, and only heaven knows why.

  3. i keep them all. that way if i want to sell something i can see what i paid
  4. I keep mine too, again no idea why....
  5. As soon as I get my tax/global refund I throw them away. I don't need the reminder, lol.
  6. LOL ... sounds like H receipts are trophies in themselves! :okay:
  7. I burn all the evidence!!
  8. Always have the intention of keeping mine yet, if anyone asked I wouldn't be able to find half of them.

    This may not be a good thing tho....what if I needed proof of value as personal possesions in an insurance claim:shrugs: I feel I need to start doing better.
  9. I have one drawer stuffed full of receipts. You never know when you might need them (insurance claims? eBay sale?)!!
  10. Doesn't Hermes also keep a record? This winter I had a break in, just a few things were stolen but I contacted my merchants and they sent me copies of receipts. I got reimbursed in full based on those but maybe things are different in Iceland :shrugs:
  11. Second that thought:tup:
  12. Does anyone else keep Hermes ribbons? I've got a bag full of them! I can't bring myself to throw them away, so the bag keeps getting more and more stuffed.
  13. Those I keep, have no idea why:smile: I roll them into little rounds and keep them in a drawer:rolleyes:
  14. I keep ALL the ribbons - and scan the receipts from all my valuable purchases for insurance purposes. I keep one electronic version on my home hard drive and another on my work hard drive.
  15. This is what I do with my H ribbons >> ;)