Scarves H-Photo Gate

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  1. yes
  2. :yes:
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  3. It would not be surprising if the takedown came from a spider registering something that was digitally fingerprinted as Hermès protected content, rather than a human reading through tPF. Was the request generic in nature? If it was automated it may never happen again....
  4. It's a good thought, but the request was definitely not automated in nature.
  5. Bummer. So they really are willing to do this to their best customers....
  6. This is interresting. For me, the true question is why H do not propose an exhausting view of its entire collection? The late all-en site was a great ressource.
    There should be two sites IMO : one for references, one for shopping.
    I’m always annoyed when looking for something on the website which is no longer available, I have this page saying that there is plenty of other things to look at. Sorry, but I know what I want.
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  7. IMHO, Hermes long ago made the choice not to make it easy to find archival info about the scarves (OK there is the officially sanctioned Coleno book ...). After all, they have had how many diff scarf sites (maison des carres, j aime mon carre etc) - all pulled down after 2 -3 years, and all of the scarves since ca 2000, all removed from the internet, it was a conscious deliberate action to remove all of that stuff. They own the photos ... their conscious choice
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  8. Yes, seems a very conscious decision not to provide a comprehensive catalog. I imagine if they felt it served them, they would do so. Even Le Monde is more of a means to explore and showcase creativity, versus solely a way to display their offerings. Perhaps it's a combination of trying to protect their creative/intellectual property, as well as a preference that customers shop in boutiques, to experience and discover the products in person. I actually kind of like that they push back, and that they continue to value the creative process and personal interactions. Also noting the number of times I've fallen in love with a photo of a scarf, only to find I didn't like it in person!

  9. I’m so glad you have provided a less synical opinion. I must admit when I first read the thread my thought immediately went to “well they want us to shop in person so they would tempt us to buy more.” But you are right: maybe they want more personal interactions. Then I would suggest to Hermès, please please make the shopping experience more pleasant in person, especially in certain regions where the sales openly told their customers they would only sell certain things to “people who live here”, especially to Asians who actually do live there. Thank you for listening. :flowers:
  10. I agree, I thought of that after I posted. I do wish their customer service was more consistent and respectful at all locations. I find it really odd that they do not address that issue! I've been lucky to shop in a boutique that's always provided excellent customer service, but do know others shopping elsewhere haven't always had service that is what one would hope for and expect.
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    I hear you loud and clear, having to shop in different countries across continents, I have officially given up to establish a relationship with any sales in the new region, simply for that reason. But not to sound like a sour grape, I still try to shop at the old location, even though the prices are higher, simply because shopping should be an enjoyment, not stress or playing mind games, especially when I am not hunting for a particular bag to resell. I have been told to shop at my “home store” instead of other places for cheaper prices.... I guess that’s Hermès way of saying “go back to your country”. :lol:

    All jokes aside and to go back on topic, I really appreciate your positive opinions!!!
  12. Yes, should be fun, not time consuming and exhausting! So discouraging when otherwise! :hrmm:

    Thank you for you nice comment! :flowers: I did hesitate posting my thoughts, as I know how popular and useful the seasonal scarf threads are, and I appreciate all the effort to give us early intel. I've loved those threads over the years, too! :smile:
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  13. This is an interesting point of view. Personnaly, I’m able to go really easily in several boutiques and I made 90% of my purchases there, not online. I used to make a short-list of « must-seen items » at home before going to the shop. I can go more often in the boutique to check what’‘s new and could please me, it will be more work for the SA but definitely not more sales I’m afraid.
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  14. You’re right. I can understand that this is their position as a commercial company. As a customer and amateur, this is such a pity.
  15. I don’t agree with the policy - as a consumer, nor do I understand it - from a marketing/ branding perspective but their policy is obvious to me