Scarves H-Photo Gate

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  1. If internet availability counts as publishing then other countries laws would come into play as well.
    I am receiving and reading this in the UK, so this would count a being published in the UK.
    I think some European laws are less embracing.
  2. It's just a thought but I can definitely be wrong. Most stores don't order all CWs or all designs each season, and customers knowing what else is out there is not necessarily benefiting their home stores. Because either they have to order something they didn't have or see their customers making their purchases at other stores / online and they could possibly have more leftover of the less popular CWs compared to when the customers didn't know what other options they have. I believe all stores have the scarf booklet with all the designs and CWs released each season, but they rarely allow customers to see the options for possibly the same reason.
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  3. The scarf booklet sometimes arrives very late in the season. My home H has already received several shipments of SS19 scarves but not the booklet.
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    Not sure if we’re talking about the same booklet.

    To be clear, I’m bummed with H’s move as well. And I do tend to buy more when I know what’s coming and am enabled by other tpfers and the excitement built up here from all the photos shared by the members, especially those posted before the scarves are released. I feel like we’re all special customers getting a sneak peek and that feeling itself has made me put a lot more scarves onto my wishlist than needed!

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  5. Ah, not this. It's like a thick stack of card (about 5cm high), printed on both sides with images of the scarves in every cw. I remember going through it when Samourai was issued and selecting which cws I wanted so that my SA could keep an eye out for them.
  6. I also would think it would be counterproductive to eliminate images from on TPF, especially in the thread of Internet finds which are rife with images taken directly from the site. Then TPFers buy the stuff very quickly.

    The exposure that Hermes receives from this site every year is literally worth millions of dollars. How many of us have been enabled to make purchases from threads here? I’d wager close to every single one of us, more than once too.
  7. It seems a few people are talking at cross-purposes. Publishing rights can be infringed by copyright, information by data protection. We don't actually know which the site has been accused of.

    Though seems more a data base issue rather than a copyright one. The issue seemed to have been whether the photos were already public. At the time of asking they were already public (to my knowledge). Credited screen grabs are supposedly legal so that should not have been an issue.
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  8. It's also interesting to note the power and influence of this site has on certain products globally. The evidence is overwhelming.
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  9. And getting later every season.
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  10. Yes, that’s the one I was referring to too. I posted that photo to say that I wasn’t talking about these. I’m not sure if stores are allowed to show customers that big one.
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    Thank you for the effort you had to make to delete the pictures, it is highly appreciated.

    Now, let's talk to H directly as they are obviously watching the forum:

    What in God's name did you try to do? Testing the best shortcut to make loyal customers angry? Aren't you done yet with your games and your insane price increases? Do you need to frustrate the true loyal customers by starting such a Hühnergeschisse!? Go to schematherapy you need it.
  12. :lol:
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  13. This whole debacle makes me wonder if there's a private FB group out there where we could share info instead.
  14. I doubt this affronted stance will have any effect on Hermes.
    The proportion of people who shop at Hermes that know about,
    let alone are members of, this forum is going to be minuscule.
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  15. Brilliant!

    In the meanwhile, no answer to my inquires. Perhaps it's time to reinstate the deleted images? :angel: