H-our watch

  1. OK, everyone, I think I am going to take the plunge and purchase myself the Maxi size (I am 6'2" so I love me a big watch!!!)
    MY SA has just confirmed that she has the steel with silver face....anyone have a photo of a silver face?
    For some reason I thought the H-our was a white face or MOP. Can't travel yet to my beloved Hermes because of this silly thing called work:graucho:
    ANy thoughts, ideas, photos perhaps?
    I also can't decide between Barenia and BJ epsom for my first strap.
    I thought I wanted the double wrap but I think with such a big watch it would be a little much....definitely love it on the Cape Cod though.
    Thanks in advance for your help....:heart:
  2. Maxi is always good !
  3. I have the medium size and originally had a blue face. It recently went in for a facelift and new band. I took a picture with my iphone, which did not turn out too good. The new face is what they call silver but it has more of a cream backgroundwith silver lines and dial. Hope this helps.
  4. Sorry this pic isn't clearer, will try for another one. I love my H-hour
    orange in the double tour strap. The face is white with silver markings.
    H-hour watch.jpg
  5. How did you get the face change? And if you don't mind, can you please tell me what the cost was? I have an orange face and I would love to change the face also