H Opening Day at the New Selfridges Wonder Room +++

  1. Hello everyone,

    I am still on vacation with dd, but I would like to share with you some of the photos from our trip to date. Please excuse us for the poor photo quality as it is difficult to juggle a toddler, a camera and a borrowed lap top.

    I will skip the long commentary and dive straight to the photos:

    - First 5 photos - Opening Day of Selfridges Wonder room including the special edition selfridges yellow birkin.
    - next 10 photos of the Florence store including prices of each item
    - Next 4 photos of the Portofino store
    - 2 photos of the Bond Street store
    - 3 photos of dd and ms. constance
    selfridges 1.JPG selfridges 2.JPG selfridges 3.JPG selfridges 4.JPG selfridges 5.JPG
  2. Part 1 of Florence H Store
    firenze 1.JPG firenze 1a.JPG firenze 2.JPG firenze 3.JPG firenze 4.JPG
  3. Part 2 of Florence H Store
    firenze 5.JPG firenze 5a.JPG firenze 6.JPG firenze 7.JPG firenze 7a.JPG
  4. Portofino H
    portofino store 1.JPG portofino store 2.JPG portofino store 3.JPG portofino store 4.JPG portofino.JPG
  5. Bond Street
    bond st 1.JPG bond st 2.JPG
  6. dd and ms constance on vacation. Our next stop will be Paris. Stay tuned for more photos.
    constance 1.JPG constance 2.JPG constance 3.JPG
  7. I :heart: the Selfridges yellow birkin!
  8. great pics!!!!! Ur dd is super cute!!!

    Looks like italy has quite a few lindies lying around...
  9. Ooooohhhh sweetie, thanks so much for the fab pic.s. Can't believe how much DD looks like you. I would make the most of Ms Constance if I were you. Looks like the next generation will be claiming it sooner than you think. She's adorable!!!

    I heart Portofino, it is such a picturesque town (sometimes a bit Eurotrash though) and I have great memories sailing around there. Looks like you had a great time and catch u soon! Thanks for sharing!
  10. licencetocook, thanks for sharing the fab photos! Your DD is too adorable :heart:
  11. fantastic thanks for sharing.

    btw do i spy a bleu saphir croc belt at selfridges or is it bleu roi (sorry my monitor)
  12. Oh WOW! The photos are fabulous!! Thank you so much for sharing them!
  13. Wow, LTC, thanks for sharing. Seems like you're alreadying having a wonderful trip.

    The SE yellow Birkin is TDF!!!
  14. I think it's Bleu Saphir. I'm not normally very good with the colours but I was offered a 25cm? Kelly in this lovely colour and it has this lovely Lavender hue to it. Such a pretty colour. I walked away from the Kelly, boo hoo!

  15. What a wonderful trip! I nearly stopped at Selfridges yesterday to have a snoop but was a good girl. So I'm so pleased you shared your super pics with us and I've 'virtually' been. Looks like the Florence boutique has a good inventory too. Well I'm looking forward to the Paris instalment!