1. LOL...might be best to keep the SF and NYC "meet" threads distinct so that info does not get lost...

    GF...when will you be there???


    Perhaps the third or fourth week of the month to avoid personal plans associated with spring holidays???

    Here we go...
  2. No problem. I can walk to H. Just pick a date.
  3. The new store will be opening late in the month, no? Anyone verify this? I'll come then, no tix booked yet.
  4. Great! Party at HG's house!
  5. I'm going to try and see if I can make it. :yahoo: I've never been to NYC!
  6. Just give me a date and I am there - lol! My DH and I always take a trip to NY in the Spring time - perfect!!!
  7. I will book my monthly nyc trip around it when you guys have a final date.:yes:
  8. Count me in!
  9. I'll book my annual trip around the date set and I AM SO THERE!

    (gotta get to the other four floors of H that I missed the first time 'round!)
  10. im there too!!!
  11. I'm only a short car ride away, so count me in!
  12. I am in as well!

    So we are thinking later April? DH would say to plan for construction delays associated with grand opening if opening date has not been set for new store...although I know nothing about dates or the new store...
  13. Count me in!
  14. I have no plan for April yet as of now... So I'm in on whatever week :smile:

    I'm so excited...:rolleyes:
  15. I'm in!!