H Newbie here! Help appreciated with card holders etc.! :D

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  1. Hi Ladies! I am a newbie on ths part of the forum, just started getting into H the past two weeks. I am looking for a card case for my mom as part of her birthday gift, she uses her Bottega Croc one all the time but it's looking ratty from the past few years of use. I would like to get her a new H one in Croc but while I have searched around the forum, I can't seem to find if H makes a card holder in this particular style and in Croc as well (LV holder used for reference of the style I am looking for):


    If anyone could be so kind as to inform me whether H does indeed mke a card holder in this style and in Croc as well it would be much appreciated. If not, do they make the Clarisse PM and GM in Croc? Many thanks :biggrin:
  2. There are some examples in the reference section. I think you're looking for something like a Calvi, but I am not sure they are being carried in Canada anymore. There are other options, though. A quick look in reference should turn up some examples.