H&M store opening at South Coast Plaza! Today!

  1. Anyone going to the H&M store opening at South Coast Plaza (today @ 12pm) or the Irvine Spectrum (tomorrow @ 12pm)?

    I have work and class so I won't be able to go but they're giving away gift cards (ranging from $10-$300) to the first 200 customers. It sounds insane but is anyone here going?!
  2. well I'm from austria but i just have to say that H&M absolutely is my favourite store ever!
    enjoy having one. . .
  3. H&M is finally coming to the west coast? They do have some nice cheap stuff.
  4. i'll be going to the irvine spectrum one tomorrow. hopefully i'll be early enough to get one of the gift cards. i'll let you ladies know how it is...if i don't end up getting trampled first =P
  5. LOL. What time are you going? I heard people have already started camping out outside. :sweatdrop:
  6. There have already been a few H&M's in Southern California. there's one in Pasadena and one in LA.
  7. Just moved away from the OC back to the bay area (where h&m recently opened in SF)...too bad!!

    SCP will be a great home for H&M...cute but affordable clothing for the fickle minded OC fashionistas...perfect combo!!! :idea:
  8. There's a lot of H&M stores just opened last month here in Hong Kong.. What's with H&M btw? Why is it so popular?
  9. whatttt i tottally missed it!!!!!!!
  10. There's another H&M store opening at the Irvine Spectrum today at 12pm!!! You can still make it!