H&M -good or bad?

  1. I'm wondering what everyone's opinion on H&M is. I know so many of my friends who shop there, saying that it's so cheap and so trendy, but everytime I walk in there, I just get overwhelmed by how bad the quality is. What is your opinion on that store? I feel like maybe I'm just biased because of the cheap price and that I'm overlooking the good.
  2. Usually the products that say Made in Romania or Made in Italy have better quality at the H&M. I usually search for these pieces. I think that their quality is better than Forever 21.
  3. I don't care for the quality at all. I also dont like how the sizing runs.
  4. The sizing is weird but some of their pieces have beautiful fit. It's hit or miss for me with them! I like their fall collections more than their summer collections usually too.
  5. ^ it's a hit or miss for me too. but i noticed that most of the time, the quality is not so great. i often buy smaller accessories there, like scarves, hats, and occasionally basics like tees and tanks. their pants never fit me quite right.
  6. I think H&M runs a bit small. The quality is not great but I think it's a fantastic place to get trendy clothes that you won't feel bad about throwing away when the fad is over. A lot of their stuff really reminds me of Marc Jacobs.
  7. I'm not the biggest fan... on me, their clothing is ill-fitting, and they rarely have my size. Furthermore, I don't get excited or inspired when I go in there, because there are so many drab-looking things! It seems like there is just an overwhelming number of clothes that look worn or tired to me and it is just too much effort to find that "diamond in the rough." A lot of people love it, though, but for me, it just does not work. I don't find them to be that cheap, either. I think they manipulate the last couple numbers to make them seem cheap, but there are stores where I can get better quality and better fitting clothes for the same price.
  8. H&M is where you go to buy something reasonably fashionable for a two or three time use and then forget about it ... that way you wont feel so idiotic for spending a lot of cash on something you used once or twice ... H&M has nice products but does not cost an arm and a leg

    Find clubbing attire ... that way if you get a drink spilled on it ... you wont have to knock a b1tch out
  9. Not a favourite..Don't have a single piece in my wardrobe AT ALL.
  10. it's very hit and miss, i go in sometimes but i tend to get overwhelmed and go out without buying anything. i love their leggings though, i tried more expensive ones and the american apparel ones get so many holes in them, and i got a pair of rachel pally ones and they fall down all the time and they're way too short. if the h&m ones break (i broke a couple of pairs snagging them on my bike) it's only about 10€ to get a new pair.
  11. I love going to H&M, but some of the shops are good and others not.
    I feel the style is very much mine, when it's about getting the latest trends for less. Some of the clothes are really crappy quality, you just have to look aoround and touch the fabrics, see the cuts. When it's better quality and fitting it's usually a bit more expensive and worth it totally.
    What I never buy there : trousers (horrid cut and gets larger after 2 washings), and classic style clothes (quality too bad for a classic)
    What I always buy there : The keys clothes of when I want to sport a new trend that I know will last only 1 season, accessories (funky), panties and socks and tights and leggings.
    The sizes are bigger than in other brands, so that's a bit confusing. I usually take 1 or 2 sizes smaller than what I am normally, and these are the first gone.....hit or miss !
  12. I love H&M for cheaper, trendy pieces, but i agree that the sizing is off. some of the H&M's are better than others
  13. I can't even get into a H&M store without getting the creeps. It's so ... unstructured over filled and the staff is (experiencing this with my freinds who can actually stand going there) awfully clueless and not very helpful. The clothes? Racked up like that I can't even get a clear view from them. Me and my friends usually end upmaking fun and laughing a lot when looking about that store. ;)
  14. The few pieces I've ever bought from H&M fell apart after maybe two months. I don't believe the adage "You get what you pay for" but I think in this case, it is true for the most part.
  15. If you are looking for just either tank tops or tees to wear around the house, I don't think it's that bad. Their suits aren't good at all but for something you don't mind dressing down, I don't think the quality is too bad.