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  1. Hi everyone! I originally posted this in the wardrobe subforum but I think it's more appropriate here. I just wanted to share this coupon--25% off your entire purchase from Dec. 7th to Dec. 9th :wlae: I had to convert the file from pdf to jpeg so I hope the print-out will be clear!
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  6. Can this be printed out or will they only accept a hardcopy? I have only ever been in H & M once...are there clothes cheaply made or do they at least last the season? Thanks!
  7. It really depends on the clothes. I mean most of them last you at least a season, it's not like it's all cheaply made. I have a H&M coat from last winter and it still looks great.
  8. I think the "divided" line of clothes I guess their Junior's? are Cheaper in quality than the H&M line. I have this shirt and its delicate but I hand wash it and I have had it 3 years and its still so cute! I get so many compliments on it.
  9. H&M clothes are very suspect. I purchased two tops from their and noticed that after the forth wash the elbows were completely gone. I guess it depends on what the fabric is made of. I am not a fan but love their ideas. I appreciate the coupon and will look with caution
  10. thanks! i love this store!
  11. Oooh...I just noticed the print-out is not so great :tdown: If you'd like the pdf version of the coupon, please pm me and I'd be happy to send it to you. I believe all you need is a copy of the coupon to get the discount.
    PixieGirl--the clothes at H&M are made somewhat well. I definitely agree with andicandi in that the regular line is made better than the "Divided" line. In general, it seems like H&M sells trendy clothing more than anything else so if there's a style you want to try out--but don't want to spend a million bucks on the designer version--H&M is a good bet. Plus, you can really walk out with quite a loot for under $100!
  12. They will definitely accept a printout.

    H&M clothing is not really meant to last more than a year or two. Just know that if you buy their cottons, they probably won't last more than one season. I buy a lot of their dresses (which I dry clean) and they have held up really well. Somehow I always get more compliments on my H&M dresses than my expensive dresses!
  13. I agree about their dresses. You would never believe that they are so inexpensive. They look really nice & hold up well. I have a few skirts from there as well & I always get complimented on them too. I'm looking forward to this sale because I didn't want to brave the crowds on Black Friday. It is sometimes difficult enough to get access to a fitting room, I can't imagine what it was like on Friday.
  14. Thanks for the coupon. I have a work skirt and a cotton t-shirt that are made with nice, thick fabric and have held up after being washed many times. I haven't bought any of their dresses but after what I've been reading, maybe I should get myself one for Christmas.