H&M Friends and Family

  1. this is a great find! thanks for posting!
  2. Their myspace page says the discount is 25%

    Wohoo! Thanks for the link
  3. Hmm, I'm already signed up but I Didn't get an email. merde
  4. so after you sign up, you get the email with the coupon?
  5. Thanks for posting. I was going to go today but I'll wait until next week.
  6. Unfortunately doesn't apply to Canada :crybaby:
  7. waiting for the coupon too! thanks for sharing!
  8. thanks for sharing. I just signed up
  9. Just signed up too, but I haven't received any coupon yet.
  10. The coupon should arrive on Monday, May 21!
  11. just signed up! thx for posting:P
  12. Thanks for posting!
  13. Awesome, thanks!