H&M Fashion against AIDS

  1. Anyone planning on getting anthing from this collection?
    I will be getting the following T-shirts:
    - Ziggy Marley 'Love is my Religon'.
    - Jade Jagger Black tee with red lips...

    I can't add the pics... but you can see the whole collection on www.HM.com
  2. this link should take you to the Fashion against AIDS collection:

    and here's a list of the people who helped make the collection:
    The Cardigans,
    Chicks on Speed,
    Good Charlotte,
    Rufus Wainwright,
    My Chemical Romance,
    Katharine Hamnett,
    Ziggy Marley,
    The Scissor sisters,
    Henrik Vibskov
  3. They've made it too tricky to even look properly.....
  4. such a shame!! I'm at work at the mo... so when I get home I will try and post pics... it's a cute collection and it's for a good cause!

    I can try and get the pics of the H&M Online Shop here in Holland!
  5. here I finally got round to saving the pics...

    here the collection, give or take a few that I forgot...
    DL617_63313_07000_62_5685.jpg DL617_63439_52002_42_5702.jpg DL617_63440_09090_62_5686.jpg DL617_63447_07000_62_5547.jpg DL617_63455_09090_62_5548.jpg
  6. and more....
    DL617_63464_10100_62_5549.jpg DL617_63471_09090_42_5698.jpg DL617_63472_10100_62_5687.jpg DL617_63479_10100_62_5684.jpg DL617_63487_09090_62_5688.jpg
  7. and the last couple...
    DL617_63495_09090_42_5695.jpg DL617_63496_09090_42_5697.jpg DL617_63503_45006_42_5694.jpg DL617_63511_10100_62_5681.jpg
  8. The Chicks on Speed one is my fave. It helps that i like them anyway :smile:
  9. I purchased 2 today: the fuschia tank w/ the lips (by jagger) and the white shirt by timbaland.