H&m Cavalli: What Did You Get?

  1. OMG it was sooo crazy here at toronto! We got there by 9ish 10. We waited for the store to open and when we got in the front, the door closed on us! IT was the worst time of my life seeing all the beautiful things gone in like seconds!

    It was cool too because Fashion File TV was there

    I got leopard bras and panty (they were the only thing left) and managed to get a leopard dress, black blazer, trousers pants! I used a scarf to trade the blazer and the dress i had to pay 10 dollars for it!!! this girl was selling (not really selling it) but selling the opportunity to buy it? lol and the beautiful trousers pants were given to me by this very kind lady :smile:

    So what did you all get? :love:
  2. Nothing!! I went to the store during my lunch break and there was NOTHING left!! It's crazy!! I didn't expect that.
  3. I got EVERYTHING I wanted (Im a guy), I got there at about 9 and the doors had just opened and I was one of the first ones in. I was suprised at everyone grabbing EVERYTHING, even Men LOL.
    When I was leaving there was hardly anything left, only the more expensive items were left but VERY small quantities.

    I wish I had picked up the Brown t-shirt and also some boxer shorts, I doubt they will have them left on monday :sad: but I got the things I had picked out and more LOL so im happy.
  4. - Black trench
    - Black sleeveless blouse w/ white collar
    - Snake head bracelet
  5. i haven't thought about going...just figured it would be a mad house anyone wanna model their finds :smile:
  6. Didn't get anything - but saw it on TV!! :smile: I guess lots of people were going after leopard dresses!
  7. Please post modeling pics plz!!!!!
  8. I went to the Toronto release and I thought I wasn't gonna get out alive
    ne ways I got
    -black trench
    -zebra tranch
    -white and black tuxda jacket
    -blue with snow leopard tuxedo shirt
    -leopard top
    -snow lepoard mini dress

    But I really just wanted the gold beaded dress but that was soooo far gone by the time I got in. I did get ahold of the leopard long dress but it was prob WAY too big so I gave it to another lady...
  9. I went to the Bern Switzerland opening 15 min after opening and the whole womens cavalli section was wiped out! I got lucky long story but a lovely lady did give me an item :smile:

    Snow Leopard Tunic sweater
    Silk Tunic dress
    Mens Black button down - love this the detail of the buttons are amazing

    Does anyone know what was the smallest size for the tunic silk dresses i have a size 6 and its huge!
  10. It was totally crazy here. I didn't go, it's not for me (neither hm nor cavalli), but some friends of mine got quite a few nice things, especially the silks seemed nice.

    Here's a video from the opening in Oslo:


  11. you call that crazy? lol then you haven't seen the video's of h&m in holland!
    i dind't go to the store but gosh now i know why people call the dutch cheap! ;)
    http://www.elle.nl/tv/ click on the video in the main page
  12. I got:
    the Black Trench
    Zebra Dress
    Leopard Corset Bustier (not sure about this one)
    Promo T shirt
    Paisley Tunic
    Black Leather Belt
    Bra & bottoms

    I love them all. So i'm really happy. I think it was definitely worth the over 5 hours of waiting!

    Didn't get the bracelet, but i'm ok. Not really crazy about purple anyway.
  13. OMG WOW that is alot of time to wait, I waited less than 10 minutes and I was one of the first ones in and got everything I wanted, I suppose alot more people came after me but 5 hours is a hell of alot of time. :smile:
  14. sadly my store did not have the collection. I took a look on eBay and some of the dresses are going for 700 dollars. that is crazy. I really did want the zebra print dress and the snake bracelet. Maybe When i go to Chicago in two weeks they will have some left, i hope
  15. It was crazy! I was so frustrated because we were really early, 5th person at the door, but they opened in an other way they used to so a lot of people who got there after me went in there first :hysteric:

    I got:
    -black trench
    -blue with snow leopard tuxedo shirt
    -snow lepoard mini dress
    -bra and panties
    -simple bracelet
    -wool tux for my dad
    - white shirt for my dad
    -men's tie

    Will post pics later!