H & M buy one, get one free sale!

  1. Just returned from NYC store on Lex/58th. ST. All sale is buy one get one free...of equal or lesser value. Lots of stuff on the second floor including accessories. I got beach towels..two for $5.90 and lots of earrings and red skinny jeans and white novelty t-shirts (2 for 7.90)..go!
  2. aaahhh!! so jealous!! we don't have h&m in seattle.. :crybaby:
  3. Thanks for the heads up! I hope the sale is in Canada! I'm gonna check it out tomorrow. :yes:
  4. my h&m has like the worst sale section, only ugly things :sad:
  5. Do u know when its due?
  6. No, sorry...don't know how long it will last but they certainly had plenty of merchandise at this location...and not, as one response said, all ugly things...cute skirts, lots of tanks, some dresses too.
  7. wow, really?! I can't go but I'll pass this along to my friends who work near there.
  8. has anyone been to the one in San Francisco? anything good?
  9. I've spent so much money already but this sale sounds too good to pass up. Thanks for the info!