H&M Bags

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  1. I was at H&M today returning a dress (I have too much clothing) and I looked at their bags today. I needed an interview bag - a basic, black tote that can hold a portfolio and a laptop and voila! There it was, for $24.90. It's not real leather, but I'm going to be carrying this on a commuter train and sloughing through the Chicago cold weather/snow. And it looks great and carries a lot!

    Another plus - silver hardware. I don't always care for brass.

    Can't find a pic online...I'll post one later with all my stuff in it!
  2. I like browsing in H&M for bags because they have nice bags for low prices ;D yeah it's mostly plastic, but that makes them waterproof...
  3. Congrats!
  4. wold love to see a pic, sometimes H&M has amazing stylish things
  5. Good deal! yeah..I found a bag there when I was still in school. It was great! large enough, but didn't look dumpy.
  6. I like H&M bags too! They're cheap and pretty stylish. I love the bag I got there. It carries so much stuff.
  7. yay a thread not about designer bags!!! (am saving for my first, so high street ones are all i have at the mo...) H&M bags are really cool and do come in some great designs. plastic bags are so much more user friendly - I'm sure when i get my roxanne i'll be sheltering it from the rain; with H&M bags you won't cry if it gets dirty!!!
  8. here is mine. sorry for the messy background...
  9. Sorry for the delay (too many interviews and grad school projects) - here's a pic.
  10. swoop that is really pretty!
    imasadgiraffe, yours is pretty too! looks functional!