H lovers/Newbies.

  1. Does/Has anyone owned this canvas bag?
    Thoughts, what do /did you use yours for?
    [FONT=arial,helvetica]Authentic Hermes Fourre Tout

  2. I have one and it's great! I use it when I go to the farmer's market and for lugging stuff to and from work in the Spring/Summer. Fits my laptop perfectly!
  3. cute bag
  4. ALSO, it's a great bag to take to the Beach.....I stash magazines, books, bottled water, my plastic baggy with beachy things inside (lotion, lip gloss....). It's great!
  5. thanks all... I have my eye on this :smile:
  6. It's *really* popular in Tokyo. I remember walking around Ginza on holiday and seeing all these posh ladies with small, medium and large Fourretouts! I've only seen a few here in NYC. I think the Garden Party is a bit more popular here for a carryall.
  7. That is adorable, I would have loved it when I was in college.