H loafer question..please...

  1. I did search to see if it had been discussed or not...but I could not find anything...Sorry to ask it again if it had been mentioned already...

    Anyway, is H loafter (with 'H' metal) comfortable to wear or squeeze your toes? More importantly, do they run true to the size, bigger or smaller?

    PLEASE help! I finally found one pair in my size, but I am concerned to purchase them without trying them on...Thanks:love: !
  2. I do not own any H loafers but I do own 4 pairs of H shoes and to me they are the most comfortable shoes I own. I have tried them on and they fit similar to the Gucci Loafer.

    Normally I go up 1/2 a size in Eurpoean shoes. especially closed toe shoes and loafers. HTH!

    If you own any other European brands, they run similar to those.
  3. Thank you, QM!

    I own several pairs of Hermes high hills and sandals, and I also have many pairs from LV, Chanel, Gucci, Dior...etc. So, I know my European size, but I heard two different stories for H loafer from my SA and some other people...My SA said H loafer runs true to the size, but I also heard that it runs smaller...I already ordered it, but now I am worried about the size!!!!!!!!

    I don't like to go through a complication of returning and buying them again!!!!!!:hysteric:
  4. I normally wear a 41, but in Hermes I need a 42 (very difficult size to find). They run small on my feet, I have a narrow foot too.
  5. Thank you, L! Oh, NO!!! There is a high chance that I might return the shoes! I bought my exact size with other brands for close toe shoes.:sad: :crybaby:
  6. AM, my H loafers are the most comfy loafers I own! For my feet (35.5) they run true to size. I ove them and want more!! GL and let us know if you like them, too!
  7. Ninja Sue-Thank you for giving me some hope here:p :yahoo: ...!
  8. When it comes to shoes, I'm a size 8 or 8.5. With Hermes shoes I'm a size 38.
  9. Hi Aspen, for my H loafers, I go half a size up. I think the leather has something to do with it (box leather), they are a bit stiff so not wanting my toes to feel claustrophobic, I gave them more room.

    Also I wear loafers when I want to do more walking, and so I always like to go half a size up as feet do expand when you walk more. Hope this helps.
  10. Thank you for your advice everyone! My H loafer is going to arrive tomorrow...I am little nervous about the size...:s
  11. I own a pair of H loafers with and they are very comfortable, the more I wear them the softer the leather gets. The sizes run true to size. Here is a picture of mine, they have a 1 1/2 inch heel.
  12. ^^ Lovely!!
  13. Hi aspen! I bought the black leather ones in my regular size (6.5) and they fit me - snug but not small/tight and are THE most comfy!!! I hope it works!!