H leather weight experiment

  1. Ive taken note, that some mornings my togo kelly seems lite as a feather, some days it feels heavy (same contents).
    For me, i believe has to do with hormones, how much cardio/weight training, what i eat, and how well i slept the nite before!:idea: .
  2. We have a scientist here. Welcome!! :biguns:

    Am I fat or skinny? :cry:
  3. dior24 u are funny!
  4. wow, you are finely attuned to your body if you can feel those internal differences. For me, the heaviness of my Togo depends on how much makeup I have stuffed in my makupbag and whether I have stashed a paperback!:yes:
  5. :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  6. LOL!

    I do notice big changes if I just add one additional item. But I've really gotten used to the feel of the bag. Love, love, love it!
  7. I totally agree with GT, when I added an agenta inside my birkin I couldn't believe how much more heavy it felt...
  8. Back to the heaviness issue again...

    Those who have size 30's and 35's...do you feel a big difference in the weight?
  9. i put as little as possible in my birkin. 35cm. somehow i've retrained myself not to put the kitchen sink in bags anymore. that is a bit of a miracle. my wallet is light but for some reason always bulging with receipts. i'm a "returner" - not overly so, but i need access to those receipts just in case....

    my husband and i do crazy things like hide odd things in each other's bags -briefcases-coolers-tote-whatever someone is carrying is often fair game. one day my birkin felt so heavy i thought i'd find a mug or a hammer or flashlight or his huge tape measure in there but NO it was just my key ring. bummer. i need to remove some old unneeded keys.

    a few weeks ago he made a statement (the imp!) by stacking a bunch of mags on the trashcan in the kitchen. they appeared to have been "thrown away". i tend to keep mags too long. i put them back and replaced with his nice leather jacket and a book he hadn't put away that was kicking around. ((this is all on a CLEAN surface-a new trashbag- by the way!!)). the next day he had carefully laid a towel over the trashcan and my BIRKIN :shocked: was in it. i laughed so hard.:roflmfao: He's been trained well and was verrrry careful with it.

    we're such goons.:blink: :heart::blink:
  10. It's SO cute! :heart: :heart:
  11. too cute!
    i remind myself to switch arms now & again, as my left bicep/left handed is a bit firmer than my rite! (always carrying two books help!)