H knockoffs on QVC

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  1. I could not believe my eyes. Last night, on QVC, they were having the Jacqueline Kennedy collection o'junk. Usually it's jewelry, but lo and behold, there it was, Jackie Kennedy's "$7,000 handbag in leather!" It, of course, was a Trim knockoff, looked like blecch, and sold out in mere seconds. The "expert" guest was pronounced Hermes as "Her-Mees" Can you imagine? Anyway, here's something close (not close to a trim, but to the bag that sold out; that one is no longer on the website.)
    --Judy, still wondering how Her-mees allowed that bag to be copied and sold on television for $139.
  2. Thanks. I just checked out the other thread. No, this was definitely not one of her Gucci bags. QVC is the home of the Jacqueline Kennedy stuff.
    The guy is really was really using the H name in vain.
  3. The BH SD maintains Jackie O's bag was an Hermes trim- a bag to hide her pregnancy. He told me Gucci copied Hermes. Of course all bags are knock-offs of Hermes according to Hermes ;)
  4. Were they confusing it with the story of Grace Kelly holding her Kelly bag in front of her royal "signs of pregnancy"?

  5. No. The trim is affectionately referred to as the Jackie O bag at Hermes by some of the old-timers. The SD at the time put one of the trims that was on display on his shoulder and turned sideways to illustrate the point. Personally, I thought he went a little beyond the call of duty to try to sell me the bag! But I appreciated the effort and wound up buying a gussetted 31cm trim in BJ with PHW. It is a wonderful everyday bag that is comfortable to carry.
  6. I'm sure it's legal, as I believe QVC is too shrewd to do anything actually illegal - ethical is another matter entirely!:nono:
  7. I don't know anything about the bag, but the jewelry can be quite nice--especially the pearls. They're imported from Europe and assembled in the U.S.

    From the pieces I've seen, their quality far exceeds anything Chanel has been putting out in recent years.
  8. The jewelry is very nice quality. I have a couple of pieces as I am a huge Jackie fan.

    The bag we are discussing here is definitely a copy of an Hermes Trim, without the logo.
    Last night, one of the shows was on QVC and they featured a copy of an Yves Saint Laurent bag that Jackie had carried.
    I'm quite sure it is all legal, and they aren't trying to pass these off as authentic designer bags. They plainly state that these are copies.
    The company does the same with copies of Jackie's high-end watches, Bulgari, Chanel, and Tiffany jewelry. All the original details but no logos.