H jewellery from Lima range

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  1. Does anyone know any H jewellery from the Lima range? I saw a ring today that I like, and am thinking of getting it. Does anyone have something from this range? It'd be good to hear feedback.
  2. mrssparkles, what is the Lima range?
  3. I ask because I have a pic from my SA of what she calls the Lima bracelet in silver. It's a lovely bangle.

    Is there a series of these bracelets? I'll have to ask her......I know when I first saw the picture I thought.....that looks like my ring! My ring has the wavey look to it like the Lima bracelet.
  4. i wish my store does jewellery as well..
    but in a way....i save a bit money i think...or a lot of money saved= =
    show us beautiful pics will you MrsS? when you get what you want ^^
  5. Susi, can you post a picture of this wavy ring you have? Yes, the Lima range is wavey. I don't have a picture of the ring I am looking to get.
  6. mrssparkles, the ring I have ( according to my SA today ) is the tohu bohu with the little letters all over it. It's 18k white and is not a part of the Lima line even tho it has a little Hermes wave to it.

    The Lima bracelet is really pretty and I saw it in silver. It has a magnetic way of closing. And is definitely wavey.

    Here is my ring....not what you're looking for tho.....



  7. ^^^ That's beautiful.
  8. ISUS that is GORGEOUS!!!! I had no idea Hermes made such things!
  9. Ladies, I have decided to get the ring I saw. Will post back here tomorrow with pictures.:yes:
  10. Mrssparkles, I'm so excited! You're getting the ring and I'm buying the bracelet! Will take some on the arm pictures later.

  11. Susi, love that ring, so cute with the tiny "H" all over it!
  12. The ring so nice, it is cute!
  13. I got it! Here are a couple of pictures of the Lima Ring. The design is so simple, it's chic. There is also a Lima pendant tied to a black leather string. I didn't get the Lima pendant. Maybe next time ...
    Lima Ring.jpg Lima Ring on finger.jpg
  14. Very nice!! :love:
  15. Really gorgeous.....