H items with S blind stamp

  1. Sorry if this has been asked before :p.
    I am looking at an H item that has the S blind stamp. Does it really matter that the stamp is there? Or would anyone prefer to stay away from items with the S stamp and why?
    TIA for your input.... They'd really help me in making my decision .
  2. It really depends on how you feel about it. For me for instance - owning H scarves with an S stamp is no big deal as long as the scarf isn't faulty. Owning a bag or other leather accessory where the S stamp is prominently displayed - somehow bugs me. For me personally an S item has to be a really good deal. In terms of quality, I don't think there's anything wrong with the S items (with most of them anyway).
  3. I wouldn't have a problem with an S stamp at all, especially if the item is in excellent condition and the price is right. Hermès will still service them, so no problem there.

  4. If the stamp were visible to me daily, it would bother me but if the stamp were inside or not noticeable, I wouldn't mind. I have bought a couple items with the S stamp and except for when I first inspected the item, I haven't seen the stamp since.

    Oh, and my name starts with an "S", so I just act like it's my monogram!!:p

  5. How handy is that!!! So does mine!
  6. I think I would buy one -- especially an accessory and a good deal.
  7. ...as long as I don't have to stare at the *S* On a scarf, no problem....but I turned down an s stamped Birkin because I like to wear the flap inside which leaves the Hermes stamp ( and the *S* ) quite visible when the bag is in use.
  8. It would have to be a very, very good deal for me to buy it. If the bag is a Birkin with the "S" stamp in the front where it's very visible then that bag better be well below retail.

    Is this the one Jemz has on her site by any chance? The only thing I can say about that one is that because the color is chocolate the embossed "S" stamp doesn't stand out as much as if the bag were a lighter color. That's the only saving grace on that one. The price is ridiculous though........
  9. Thanks ladies.
  10. SM, it's not the one Jemz has on her site. It's the 35cm BJ Kelly that's on eBay. The seller is Timeless Pieces. What is your opinion on that one?
  11. i'm eyeing on that too.. it's a real good deal but the S stamp bugs me a bit... :sad:
  12. Great question. Personally I wouldn't go for bags with S stamps. Just a personal preference, and also items I intend to give away for X'mas or Birthdays...no S stamps for those! The rest - like scarves, small leather goods for my own use, I'm OK with the S stamps.
  13. Yeah, kinda difficult to get round it huh...
  14. Many people won't go near an "S" stamp. But if you love the piece and don't think you will be selling it in the future, I think it is a great way of stretching your money. I just wish Hermes was consistent with stamping. I've seen some items ruined with S's being very prominent while others are more discreet.
  15. LoL It's mine too. I can just see me using that as a "push" with DH at a sale to get something :rolleyes: hehe

    As far as the "S" Birkin, hmmmm you know, I'm not questioning the authenticy b/c thats a pretty rep seller, but what makes me wonder is WHO is gonna grab a Birkin on a sale? These babies fly off the shelves like they have wings from birth and just needed the altitude. Imagine THAT score... whew I'd be playing lottery the same day just trying to ride that wave of luck till the end!! :nuts: