Scarves *H it Up!*

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  1. You wear this so beautifully.
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  2. I’m 5’6” as well. The 120 looks great on more petite ladies but seems a little short for me. I wear mostly long necklaces anyway so I’m getting the 160 and will probably just wear it as a staggered double chain. Thanks for your replies and enabling!
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  3. Thank you Emile! :heart:
    You're very welcome! Glad to be of help :flowers:
  4. A8288D62-A322-4022-BB7A-4BB223E18B5D.jpeg
    Black linen dress. H’d up with watch, necklace, CSGM, shoes and bag.
  5. I like the GM used as a wrap seasounds!
  6. DH said that I was Five Shades of Grey today.
  7. Living in Florida, you always need to be ready for chilly restaurants.
  8. H'd up some jeans and a sweatshirt with KDT, Jumbo and Karnak mousseline (sorry- forgot to take a before pic- but it's pretty easy to imagine the blank slate here...)

  9. Really like the casual insouciance of this entire outfit!
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  10. Thanks essiedub! :flowers:
  11. Wore a lot of h in one day this week...

    Mythiques Pheonix CSGM, Alezan H boots, iwatch, H silver ring and bolide! Whew! Pup bomb in the edge there checking out the steep stairs.
  12. Perfection dear lanit!
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  13. What a great outfit @Bova123 , I could see myself wearing this to work or for a fun Saturday of shopping!
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  14. Thanks so much Bova dear! Thanks for the Likes too everybody
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