Scarves *H it Up!*

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  1. Welcome to H it Up Part III, continued from this thread H it Up

    For those who are new to this thread.. This is a place to chat about styling and share pics on how to spice up our outfits with our H accessoires, whether it’s belts, bags, scarves, jewellery or whatever else comes into mind.

    To all H it uppers, thank you for your wonderful contributions, comments and pics in the past. It is your input that makes this thread so lively and so much fun!

  2. :wlae: :wlae:
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    Thank you CobaltBlu and jag :hugs: :heart:
  4. To celebrate and to set the mood for the new thread, here a few of our recent collages..

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  5. [​IMG]

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  6. LOve the collages! I need to get back into H ing it up. Thanks Mai Tai!!!
  7. Thank you rileygirl :heart: Can't believe it has become time already to start a new thread.. seems like no time since the launch of part two!

    Now we need ken-doll for another great opening shot! :graucho: :biggrin:
  8. Not Ken Doll but here's an H'd up outfit. Simple black linen romper worn with Kelly Dog Bracelet in Barenia, Barenia Medor Necklace and 80 cm Farandole worn as a choker. A little hard to see the H accessories but you get the idea. I love how barenia pops against black (sorry, not an H clutch).
    Hd up.jpg
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    Well, as our lovely hostess MaiTai asked for it, I'll be glad to oblige :hugs: - here are another two action shots from this afternoon. Got to drive around DH, running errands - so he gets to do the cooking after making me (the new driver) go through evening traffic. :P

    robee - you should like this one also, as I'm using my DMs Les Grès to finish up my jeans look. So sweet of you to say that you think about her when seeing my pics. :smooch:

    PS: This is a repost as the other thread was archived - the reason, why I'm bringing it here is my very special (to me) GM. :girlsigh: Hope, you don't mind, MaiTai. :shame: And thank you for bringing over the last collages - they're just lovely.

    rileygirl - love the black and gold combination. :smile:
    L1170343.jpg L1170344.jpg
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  10. Hair-mess, that was your mother's shawl? What a special thing - it's lovely!

    Rileygirl - :tup:

    I don't have an H it Up picture, but I have a quick story. I'm wearing a black silk turtleneck, black pants, and my "Mai Tai Magic Scarf" also know as Carre en Carres, tied in Robee's floppy pleated knot. My boss says, oh, is that cool, can I see it? So I started to take it off and she says, NO! Don't untie it! And I said, that's okay, I can do it again, and I did about 7 different knots for her - you would have thought I performed an appendectomy in the hallway, she was so impressed!

    Thanks for being our spectacular hostess, Mai Tai!
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  11. Thank you for all your kind comments:heart:
    Tillie, MaiTai,loves, hairmess,cayenne, allaborsa, mishkakluv, miss margaux, LQYB!

    MaiTai- no matter what the weather, you "sparkle" and "heat It Up!" That
    BdG is just gorgeous in that colorway! Have you had a Mistral this winter?
    I remember reading about the winds in the book "A Year in Provence"!

    Hair-mess- great example of H'ing It UP!!

    Robee- gorgeous CSMC gm and looks s good with your watch and KD!!
    What a fun place your office is, you girls look so chic in orange!

    LQYB- Thank you, you are a fabulous example of how to make a jacket
    super chic, what a great jacket too! Wow, Wow, you PINK croc is simply

    MaiTai- thank you for the wonderful collection of collages. What a trip
    down memory lane!

    Rileygirl-you are looking awesome! Love the accessories against the
    black romper! Beautiful in Barenia!
  12. Looking fabulous Rileygirl and hair-mess! Great start to part III.
  13. Pamella, I just saw your picture in the other thread - fantastic look with the belt and bag. Remember last week when you had a heavy coat and fur collar on instead?!
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    Congrats on thread No3!!

    Great collages MaiTai and such an easy way to catch up on everything quickly!!

    Shelby - which CenC cw do you have? I would love to have a flat one I could only get a plisse in the black/white/golds - I like Diva's blue/pinky/purple one:greengrin:

    Pamella - you look fabulous!!

    RileyGirl - gorgeous bag:tup

    Hair-mess - casual chic:tup:

    Yes where is Ken Doll when you need him?