H is for Hermes Happiness!!!!

  1. HOLY BANANAS!!!!!!!:panic::panic::panic: I am in love...YOU ARE THE LUCKIEST GAL EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats....oh and I sure hope you feel better ASAP....now freshen up and rock this baby !!!!
  2. LOL, that is my reaction too. It is a gorgeous color. I think the GHW is perfect for the color too. And your new watch is beautiful too. I'd be happy too!
  3. Oh I would be squealing with delight!!!! It's a gorgeous color and I think the gold really works, actually. Congratulations!!! I hope you post more pics. :smile:

    Hope you feel better soon. An exotic b has much greater curative properties than a spoon full of sugar, imo..... :p
  4. Oh my gosh...........:loveeyes:
  5. Wow !!!! Stunning !!!
  6. Swooning!!! What a happy H superprise!!
  7. Swoon! Many congrats!
  8. omg! THAT BAG IS SO PRETTY! Congratulations! Love PINK! :love:

  9. What a beautiful bag, the croc leather is just beautiful and the color is absolutely stunning
    Congrats :smile:

  10. :party: Congratulations, dear! Shrink-wrapped, one and only for you! You're special and you deserve this! GHW is gorgeous and you do know we rarely had something in ghw for a long time. Congratulations once again and HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Enjoy the long weekend. Recover soon!

  11. Thanks IFFAH!!:smile:
    Yes my SA and SM had to come have a look at this beauty since they said n this combination of Croc RT with GHW is extremely rare! Really am feeling so lucky!
  12. Thanks everyone for coming by and sharing my joy:p

    I promise to post modeling shots on Tues when I get my act together n hopefully feel less under the weather:drinkup:
  13. OMG!!! I die!!! Sooooo happy for you. :love::love:
  14. Pink Beauty's coming home!!!
    Changed my watch strap to match :biggrin:
  15. Here are some modelling shots:smile: will post more with my matching Choos!!!
    image-1104954671.jpg image-3789827842.jpg