H in Taipei

  1. Any TPFers that know about H in Tapei and can recommend a store that has the most inventory?

    Thanks:p !
  2. I heard Taichung has the most friendly SA and inventory..
    my sis told me all H stores in TW are still taking ppl on the Birkin list.
  3. Thank you Loverthatthing!

    I am not going for any Birkins but small leather goods, scarves or accessories.

    Any fellow TPFers interested in Birkins should start planning their trip to Taipei!
  4. Maybe I should re-route my itinerary and stop by Taiwan instead of Hongkong:yes:
  5. Are the prices in Taiwan about the same as China (about $1000 more than in the US) ?

  6. Erk, it's more expensive in China than in the U.S.? Shoot ... I was under the impression that most items in Asia with the exception of Japan were cheaper ... Guess not then ...
  7. My experiences with H in Taiwan is limited to the Duty Free at the airport.

    First, HK prices are less than those in mainland China due to the heavy tax on luxury goods.

    My purchases in Taipei airport are scarves and a ring.

    They both are cheaper than HK when it is duty free.
  8. H price in taiwan is about the same like in usa (after tax), but I don't think u can ever get a birkin without SO in taiwan, but I think there are many small accesories in tainan store.
  9. price in china is 20 % more than taiwan, and compare to paris (after tax free) ,can be 50% more:smile:
    example: 30cm croc here in china is around 25000usd
    and in taiwan around 800000NT
  10. No kidding!! *sticker shock*