H in Switzerland? Switzerland in October? Help Me?

  1. Okay, so, my DH has a running joke about our family reunions/family vacations where the punchline is that no one knows where we're actually going until we're actually on the ground. He says he could end up in Brazil, he could end up in Branson; he could end up in Paris, France or Paris, Texas. He just never knows where and never knows what to pack.

    Anyway, our planned reunion for the spring in southern Italy looks like it may be moved to October in Paris and selected Swiss cities (as yet undecided.) HELP ME, Y'ALL!

    First, and most important, which Swiss cities have H stores? I'm buying my Bolide on THIS trip. And scarves. Lots and lots of scarves.

    Second, what is the weather like in Switzerland in mid to late October? I have to assume cold, but it can't possibly be much colder than Aspen, can it? Rainy? Drizzly? Snowy? Can we drive in the Alps? Will anything be open, ie museums, art galleries? Everytime my family has gone to Switzerland, I've been out of pocket. This will be a first, so I'm pressing pretty strongly for the Paris/Switzerland option.

    ANY information, Hermes or non Hermes, will be so appreciated. :flowers: I'd rather get the nuances and the lowdown from somewhere that isn't weather.com

  2. Calling LaVan........
  3. Yes please LaVan!
  4. hermes has stores in basel, bern, crans, geneva, gstaad, lausanne, lugano, saint-moritz and zurich. i've only been to zurich, and it was around may.
    la van will help with all the details, i'm sure, but pack an umbrella.
  5. oh, and eat lots of fondue and go to sprungli for chocolate.
  6. :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:

    Okay. If you insist.

    Thanks for the list of stores. I had NO idea there were so many. This gives me some flexibility in agreeing to specific Swiss cities, thus allowing me to use precious "persistence points" in arguing for a slightly longer Paris stay. Cool.
  7. Hi!

    I live in Zurich, and as HH pointed out, there are several *H* boutiques scattered all around the country. I've only ever been to the one in Zurich, so I don't know how the others compare. It's a bit small, but the selection seems to be decent. I think the ones in Basel and Geneva are bigger and have a wider selection.

    As for weather, here in Zurich, normally October is a bit chilly, overcast and foggy (definitely bring an umbrella and I'd recommend dressing in layers) but no snow, except in the higher elevations. HOWEVER, this past October-November we had the warmest autumn in something like 1300 years. It was REALLY aberrant! In Geneva and Lausanne the weather tends to be a bit milder and they get more sun. There are some great museums in Zurich and Basel and as far as I know, they're all usually open. Luzern is a beautiful city and has a number of attractions. If you like churches, Einsedelen has a 1,000-year-old abbey and a stunning cathedral. Lugano and Locarno, which border Italy, are also beautiful and have a very Mediterranean feel. As for transport, I would highly recommend getting a Swisspass and travelling by train/tram everywhere. The system here is excellent, easy to navigate, the connections are good, and things run on time. There are also boatrides on the lakes, but I know many of them stop running in late October and resume again in the spring.

    If you do visit Zurich, you might also like to visit the boyz at Luxury-Zurich. They have loads of *H* items and they're terrific to deal with.

    I don't know what else you're interested in, but if you want more ideas or info, check out Home - Switzerland Tourism - Switzerland or you can feel free to page me.

  8. And if in Basel, go for the yummy choc truffle "logs" from Bucheli. :love:
  9. Hello GGA,
    I live in Lausanne. As mentioned Latigresse, the weather is usually mild in October in the area of Lake Geneva (10-15°C) and can be rainy .There are quite big hermès shops in Geneva and Lausanne.
    Geneva is a beautiful city with a lovely historic old area, good museums and great for shopping ( but less than Paris :graucho: ).
    If you stay in Geneva you may want to visit Swiss Riviera (beautiful panoramas with terrassed vineyards nearby the lake in Vevey – Montreux area) . It is good to travel there by train from Geneva (about 1hour). Gstaad is a lovely and pretty touristic mountain destination (about one hour by train from Montreux). Here is a link for examples of visits by train in this area (you can travel in panoramic trains or in Orient-Express style trains )
    :yes: Please refer a lot to the website pointed by LaTigresse: It is the perfect help to plan a trip to Switzerland:yes: .
  10. Thank you all so much! This is very helpful information. I'll be using the websites and building a fun trip based on chocolate, Hermes, chocolate, chocolate truffle logs, chocolate, fondue, and maybe a little bit of chocolate. And some cathedrals, museums, and galleries.

    Seriously great websites. Thank you all! :flowers:
  11. Dear GGA,
    i visited H in geneva a couple of times and i really like that store!
    all SAs are helpful,they normally have several bolides,trims,plumes and a few kellies around plus RTW and small items!
    i like Switzerland very much!!!!
    Have a great journey!!!
  12. OMG, HiHeels! Forget the heck out of H, I'm taking a chocolate tour of Paris and Switzerland.

    I've lately had an enormous weakness for Vosges' goji and d'oliva bars. Your website is making the part of my brain devoted to chocolate verrry happy. Thanks so much!:flowers:
  13. Thanks Missmarbella. Bolides or trims are on my agenda, and I'm sure Geneva would be on my family's agenda, so this is helpful.
  14. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    But you'll love all the chocky you find there.