H in St Martin /Maarten Help!

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  1. I found two very helpful threads on the subject, but both were getting a little old and also I have a question which remains unanswered.

    I'm going there later and I was wondering how the general selection of goods is there? Is it a nice store/place to go? Is it like in some airport with a lot of old stuff or is it like the main stores? Also, do they do a tax refund like in europe there?

    TIA! :heart:
  2. It is on the French side of the island near the other boutiques. It's not in an airport. When I was there, I was on a guided tour and didn't have time to go in. I was so upset!!!!
  3. I visited that store on multiple occasions, unless it changed it's location it used to be in a pretty small place. yes, like airport bouiques. Yes, the staff was more outdated, but there was a Picotin once that you couldn't find in States at the time. It was white and cost $1350. and I passed on it. Some belts, some tee-****rs, nothing to write home about.
    Unless it changed in the last 2 years. They are selling supposedly duty-free, so no tax return. Looks like the american prices w/o tax.
  4. I was in St Martin 2 weeks ago and tried to find the store- was on a cruise and only there for a short time so did not get to go :smile: Hopefully I did not miss out on much.
    Let us know what you see there-I want to know what I missed.
  5. The store is on a French side, that is called St Martin, in Marigot (capital). Cruise ships arrive to the Dutch part - San Maarten. Dutch have great liquor and cigarettes stores, but no Hermes, Morgan, Cottonade. Marigot also has an expensive designers boutique, outdated but still high-priced. And absolutely the best restaurants in Caribbean.
  6. THank you soo much! I was hoping there would be old stock as I don't like / can'¨t wear the current set of indian colours.. =/ ANd I'm looking for an old twilly. =)
  7. Did you get to go to the H in St Martin yet. When we sailed into St Maarten we took a bus over to St. Martin- it was an interesting ride. I wanted to head straight to H, but DH and DS had other ideas. By the time I convinced them to check it out, it was time for our rideto head back to the boat and did not get a chance.

    Please let me know what I missed when you go thee.
  8. In case you didn't go yet, I forgot to mention, they close for a lunch, and it's about 3 hours, like from 12 to 3pm. They open, If I remember correctly at 9. But the latest at 10. There are lots of cute boutiques in the area that open earlier.
    If you are really interested in visiting this store, I suggest going to Marigot the first thing in the morning, enjoy the french side until they close for a lunch (some at 12, some at 1) and tke a taxi back to Dutch side before the traffics start. There were times we hardly made it to the ship because of traffic. So over the years I developed my routine.
    P.S. I believe the new a/c mall they recently opened is working at lunch time though.