H in Dubai - a scarf question

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  1. Hello ladies, I'm new on H forum so hoping you can help me. It looks like my bf is off for a few weeks to work in the Middle East in Jan and he told me to let him know what he can bring back for me :nuts: Now, there are a few H scarves that I like including Lumieres de Paris but he's convinced that because of the somewhat religious-looking design it won't be available in Dubai, do you think that's true?

    Also what's Hermes shopping like in Dubai in general? Am I right in thinking it's a fair bit cheaper than in UK? Bf is feeling rather guilty about leaving me for 5 weeks alone so is being very generous (he even asked him how much Birkins were :wtf: but I had to be sensible and tell him to stop being daft) ;)
  2. Hi Loony!!!

    Shopping in Dubai like shopping in NY or HK! Dubai is full of shopping malls and designer boutiques from Hermes, Chanel, Jimmy choo, prada, Fendi, LV, MJ,etc!

    Hermes boutique is not that big though, i'm not sure about scarves ive never really asked to see their collection but its worth asking about the specific Lumieres de Paris and there's no religious looking design issue lol

    I think u should give him a list of what you want from any brand and he will definitely be able to find it in Dubai :smile:
  3. Thank you, Pinkish ;) I didn't think there would be an issue with the design but he was adamant that it wouldn't be available in Dubai :rolleyes:

    I am definitely giving him a list, it's already pretty long and there are still a few weeks left for me to think what else I might want :roflmfao: We were in LV yesterday looking at some things and he's asked me to print out the pics of scarves with my colour preferences so he can get things right.
  4. I say prepare THE FILE! 1 item for everyday away from you!! Put every picture with the name of the item and brand.. he can go through it in the 7hrs flight trip and set up his schedule accordingly!! lol
  5. :roflmfao:

    Perhaps I should include an extra suitcase in that list too!
  6. sorry to hijack the thread.. any H store at the dubai airport? We stopping over there to change a flight to Cairo.. H store at cairo is near impossible.. so dubai is my last hope.

  7. No unfortunately there's no H store in Dubai airport, Its in Burjuman shopping mall.
  8. PL - thanks! Kharma to you :yes:
  9. I always buy scarves for my wife at duty free, my experience has been that pricing is uniform and only currency fluctuations can create a 'deal'... or in my case with the US$, make an item MUCH more expensive. :sad::sad: What airline is he flying to Dubai and is he leaving from Heathrow or Gatwick? You can always buy the scarves duty free when you fly out. The BAA website will tell you what retailers are in which terminals. I know Hermes boutiques are in T3 and T4 at Heathrow. I believe Gatwick HAD one at one point but don't think it's there anymore. I haven't flown through in a while. Also, DXB(Dubai Airport) DOES have an Hermes booth, but not a 'shop/boutique' as most other airports do. If you really want airside shopping paradise, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Hong Kong will all keep you QUITE busy on a layover. ;)