H in Australia anyone?

  1. Any TPFers here live in Australia? I'm planning to order my first H in Australia.
    So if you have any information about birkins specifically size 35 and 40, the waitlist, how hard to is it to get it, the price, and any other information,
    please do so inform me :yes:

    thank you!!
  2. There are 4 stores in Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Gold Coast and Marina Mirage.

    Before the price increase, a 35 gold togo Birkin was AUD11,500.

    The waitlist would probably take 18-24 months as supplies are very limited here.

    We are the second most expensive country in terms of buying Birkins so I would suggest the US or France if you get the chance to go there.

    Good luck!
  3. thanks for the info diva!!!
    some TPFers told me that the waitlist in the US has closed.
    do you know if canada still opens a list?
    did you get your birkin in Australia?
  4. I didn't get the Birkin, my boss did and that's how much she paid for hers (well she actually used a $10,000 store credit and paid for the remaining balance).

    You can't just approach them and ask for a Birkin. You need to build a good relationship with them first, although my boss was lucky and got hers within 2-3 months after enquiring about them. The manager was more than willing to help her find her Birkin, which was good.

    I think these things are pot luck, to be honest.
  5. I sometimes live in Australia, but I've never bought Hermes there, only in Europe, sorry!
  6. do you have any suggestion how to build a nice relationship with an SA in just within a day? without making me going back and forth buy small goodies from H?
  7. I was just in the Sydney store - 5 mins ago. There's a brown 35 birkin (sorry - didin't get the colour name or leather) with GHW. There's also a black 30 (togo I believe with GHW) for about A$11,500.

    Apparently these were the only two delivered yesterday that didn't have anyone's name attached. I could have bought both without having a relationship with a SA although I do know a couple of them who nicely showed me the black one to try on!
  8. It's very hard to get on the waitlist here as all our H stores are really small in comparison to elsewhere.

    It's always a matter of luck if you can get a birkin without developing a relationship with an SA. I walked in there once and a lady was trying on a gold 30cm, so i asked to see it if she didn't want it. Although she was eyeing my 35cm Black Birkin, and i think she prefered the 35 size instead.

    However, i found that in japan, the SA's are extremely nice and will check if other stores have the combo you want, as they have a large market there.
  9. what about H store in US? which state has the highest rate for getting on the waitlist? and has anyone ever ordered H birkin in Canada? how did it go?
  10. If your scope is international, as opposed to your home country, then why not just go to the flagship store in Paris? At least you stand a good chance of scoring a birkin there without any wait list and it's probably the cheapest there...
  11. The Wall St store in New York often puts birkins on display so anyone can just walk it and buy it. I've been to this store three times this month and I've seen a birkin on display each time (and also a couple of Kelly bags).
  12. I wish I could go to Paris arch! the prob is, I have uni, and the cost is just too expensive, and I dont know whether there will be a birkin sitting on a shelf or if they put me on their waitlist! If they do put me on their waitlist, then I'll have to wait a few months even years and I ahve to go back to Paris!again. (after all that typing, I just thought "Hey, maybe it is that simple!")

    BUT,,,on the contrary, I have my sister and my bf in the states so one of them can get it for me. but my plan is, IF I'm not on a waitlist in the states or Canada, THEN I'm taking mum to Paris (actually, I just thought of that plan for 5 seconds ago...haha)

    but IF (I have too many IFs!!!!!gaaaah) I do go to Paris, I dont want just any color/ leather birkin, I want orange in togo/clemence 35 or 40 (havent carried a 35/40 YET, so I havent decided which one to choose) but I'll probably go for 35, but IF (another IF!) size 40 doesnt have too much difference in size with size 35, then Im taking 40.

    Im so depressed thinking about how hard I'm going to get my first H bag is.
    but thank you all for sharing me the information!!!!
  13. Ooh yummy! I used to want that exact Birkin.

    jjgunawan, I know how you feel. Being a student myself and paying premium prices on luxury goods (compared to other countries) makes me really think twice before making a purchase. I don't know which bag I want yet or even if I want a bag! :confused1:

    I've been told that it's cheaper to buy a return ticket to Paris and purchase your Birkin there rather than buy a Birkin here!

    Don't give up. :smile:
  14. Have you gone into any of the stores yet to just ask? I'm not sure which state you live in, but perhaps you might get lucky and find one! :smile: Or get lucky and find a really nice SA who could give you some advice!

    It would be great if you could let us know how it all goes in the end~ I'm from Australia too and am thinking about getting a Birkin (first H bag!) but I am absolutely clueless atm on how to go about it :sad: And honestly am a little intimidated considering how hard it seems to get one :search:
  15. Im in NSW...I havent gone into H store yet, cuz im on a holiday.
    But I will once I get back there and I will definitely post something about my experience teeeeheeee!!
    does anyone know or can find the CHEAPEST airline to paris? with the return ticket, AND any suggestion on the hotel?
    my sister just got back from Europe in 2006, and she told me that in Paris, they sell a second hand H bags!
    I WAS so tempted, BUT since it's gonna be my FIRST birkin,,,I think I want to buy it from the actual store!
    Im kinda saving at the moment...does anyone know the standard salary for working at a restaurant or a shop?
    Im planning to save my money for maybs 1 and a half year for my birkin since my parents are paying everything except for my H bag(:crybaby:)

    SO,,,(Ive been doing this since the beginning of last year because I can work this year!) IF I work at a store or something, and get at least $13 an hour, part time from my uni, work for 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, then I'll get $780 - round it to $800- then save ot for 10 months, I'll get $8000, JUST in case the price has gone up like a rockt, probs just work for another 6 months and get AU$12,000!
    go to Paris with mum (if I cant get it in the states or Canada) and get one!!!!

    YEP, thats HOW DESPERATE I AM for an H birkin. help? anyone in AU knows a standard salary for a part tim uni student? 18 yrs old? at a restaurant or store? :confused1: