H&H Happy birthday!!

  1. hermescacake.jpg
  2. Have a great birthday!
  3. H&H-Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of orange boxes.
  4. :yahoo:HAPPY BIRTHDAY H&H!!!!
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Oh that is sooo sweet :heart: thank you for thinking of me.
    Nola: I love that cake !!!! wonder if we can order some ;), sweetpea, Mree, Japster & dressage[/B] queen.

    I do have an orange box here waiting (actually I know what is in there as we are not so romantic with presents... as instructed I give him specific golfclubs or other golfgoodie and the other way around but nevertheless given with love) and there are some more other boxes waiting for me....

    thanks again ladies, you make me day!!! it's not easy getting close to 40 !!!
  7. Happy Birthday H&H!!! :party:You are one of the sweetest people ever, and it has been such a please getting to know you!!! Wishing you all the best on your special day!
  8. I love this
  9. happy birthday h& h!!! i hope you have a fabulous day!!

    now soemone cut me off a slice of that cake please!
  10. Happy Birthday!!!!!!:heart::heart:
  11. Happy Birthday!! Have a magical day!
  12. A happy Hermes filled birthday and special orange year to follow . . .Miss Sooky xxx
  14. thank you Jag (:love:), Hlfinn (I want at least 2 slices :p), Rose, twinkle.tink, Miss Sooky (that's a great wish... I hope so too) & Isus.

    I can't wait to finally open my orange box and be able to use what is inside of it... I have been waiting very patiently for a while (like couple of months).
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!

    I hope you have a fantastic celebration. You are such a sweetie!!!
    (Can I have a piece of your birthday cake!!!!)