H gloves, sizes?

  1. Forgive me if there was a thread about this, I didn´t find it when I searched.

    I would love Hermés gloves, problem is I have no idea how the sizing goes. Anyone have any hints for me on this? Trying them on is not really an option:push: Do the sizes go like they usually go in leather gloves, what is your experience?
  2. Do you know what regular glove size you are? IMO they run true to size - I have 2 pr. - one 6.5 and one 7 and they both fit fine...it might be a measurement I think from the tip of your middle finger to your wrist? Not sure though - I'll measure and check! Yup! That's it I believe...
  3. I have a pair that I purchased this past Fall and I would say that they run true to size.
  4. I tried on gloves at the mall a couple weeks back and I think it was a size eight I tried. But then again, I think I have rather small hands and the largest H gloves I´ve seen sold are 7 and half. I wonder if gloves have european/us sizes too.
  5. Thank you for this tip! That helps a lot if it goes by that measurement!
  6. No problem! I think I learned that here somewhere (might have been another subforum) and it seems true -- I have 6.5 in leather and 7 in suede and love them both...
  7. I'm usually a medium in other brands and I wear a 7.5 in Hermes. The 7s are too narrow for me in the ones with designs on the wrist edges. My best advice would be order your first pair from the boutique itself if you can't go try them on. At least with being store new, you can exchange for a different size. What kind do you want?
  8. I want some bright gloves to accentuate; yellow or red:yes:
  9. I think shopmom bought a pretty red pair last winter...I have a brown and then a raisin leather pr.!
  10. Do you have pics to share? :heart:
  11. nola if you were trying on sakari sauso in finland i find they run much smaller than most other gloves. i usually wear a 6.5 in pretty much all gloves but i need a 7.5 in them. so you might be a smaller size than you think if that's what you were trying.
  12. I'll ask her -- perhaps after her morning martini she'll be willing to share:graucho: (j/k shopmom!!!)
  13. LMAO!!!!!!

    I bought red leather "H" gloves last year in a 6.5 because I like unlined gloves to fit tightly and the leather does stretch. Normally, I take a size 7 which, coincidentally, is the same size as my foot! I wonder if there's really any relation???????

    Here they are.......
  14. ^^Gorgeous shopmom!! That is a very weird thought about foot size/glove size and mine does work as well lol!!!
  15. Thank you, I´ll have to check that!