H frustration in Italy

  1. I normally would not post something like this, but the Hermes stores in Italy are getting me really hot and bothered. I am in Italy on holiday at the moment and was sooo excited about possible H purchases before coming here.

    I was in Venice over the weekend and was served by a really lovely Japanese SA. I asked about Kelly pochettes in lizard or crocodile and was delighted when she found a violet lizard in the back room! I wanted to buy it, but when she checked with the store manager over the phone (I think he was out for lunch), he said I could not buy it! I asked her why not, since I have been shown the bag already. I was not quite sure of her answer (she could only speak Japanese and Italian with limited English), but I think she said something about a wait-list. Oh well!

    Then I got to Florence and immediately went to H and saw a Kelly danse (spelling?) in etoupe swift in the window that I wanted. I was met inside by another lovely SA (she is Caucasian, but non-Italian, I think) and was shown the Kelly from the window. When I got all ready to pay, a colleague of hers told her that it is already reserved for another customer!!!

    I cannot believe it happened to me twice in a row! It is soooooo frustrating to be shown bags I really want, only to tell me at the last moment that I cannot have it! There should be some sign or note to say if something is already reserved and cannot be bought, rather than getting customers all excited and then disappointing them.

    Sorry... just had to vent :hysteric:
  2. OMG how frustrating!!!! I would be livid too.
  3. I would write a letter to corp and complain. If something is put away for a regular client the SA should know and the item should have the client name on it!

    I never found the H in Venice 2 years ago, where was it hiding?
  4. Oh, how terrible! I would be frustrated too! Just terrible, terrible, terrible!

    The Venice H is just past the north west corner of San Marco Square with all the other really chi-chi stores. I noticed that Venice had at least THREE Gucci stores. It was like the Gap there :p
  5. Have heard a story of Italian SA's saying they save bags for sale to Italian ladies.
    Also have hear of Italian SA producing a bag after a large tip.
    When in Rome.......
  6. Good Lord, I can't find anything in Venice--except Hermes, which as Seton rightly says is right off San Marco Square not far from the super famous outdoor cafe the name of which I cannot recall. H is under the loggia type thing that encompasses the square.
    I especially love asking directions there. I heard that the building numbers in Venice are according to when the building was built, as opposed to any sensible numerical system. Is this true? It could explain why you can walk in circles for hours, totally lost, finding all sorts of wonderful places except where you meant to be. LOL

    VERY interesting. Sounds like something that would happen in New York. Bwaha.
  7. About 10 years ago I was in Rome I had the prices double twice when I showed interest in merchandise. One boutique for sure was Sergio Rossi . When I decided to buy, 'whoops... this price is marked wrong, it should be marked double'. I was so angry. It was so obvious. NO SALE. After that we would play good cop bad cop shopping.
    Maybe they were waiting for you to slip some cash for the privilege? I won't do it.
  8. ^^ Amazing, but nothing surprises me anymore.

    BTW, I had it straight from a Venetian that even they get lost if they are in a district that is not where they live or were raised. Of course the fun in Venice is just walking around and finding things, but when you are looking for a specific restaurant etc. it can be frustrating. Been there, done that.
  9. I ' m italian ..may be that can be a reason ...:shame: but I LOVE my italian shopping especially in MILAN my home . In HERMES ,the manager mrs. S. is adorable and my favorite SA, a lovely oriental guy...Axx (he looks after the Birkin bags order...) is really
    special. I' don't know but they are all so good..:yes:..to me..
    :heart::heart: angel2307
  10. ^^Oh goodie, an insider!!! I'm sure you will have takers:smile:
  11. Geez, I would be angry too if it happened to me. Anything which is reserved for a customer should not be put on window display!

    Please don't tell me that's the same Florence H shop ...
  12. Ok, this sounds so familiar ...
  13. do you mean harry's bar -- the home of the world-famous and most delicious bellini?

    as for the lost wandering, that's what's supposed to happen in venice. :yes:
  14. ^Pretty sure she means the Caffe Florian:heart: - H is right near it.
  15. Awful. I would have boxed someone's ears. :yucky: