H Forum Saved Me $$$...

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  1. Just wanted to say thank you... :flowers:

    I am "sitting" on two Chanel bags today...received a call from one SA yesterday and a second today for two chocolate brown bags I have been waiting for... I had already decided against one, but the second call really tested me... :wtf: I have been trying so hard to find a particular bag in a particular color... I tried to dial the SA back to confirm my purchase, but no one answered the phone (tried 4-5 times...still no answer)... :sad: So...I started my morning (oh, it's afternoon here now) read through the H threads...

    Told DH a few days ago that I was really feeling good about my fall handbags (especially with that black Birkin addition! :yes: ) and thought I was "done" until our November trip to Europe (LOL...have to remain "open" after the thread post about inventory in the Madrid H store)... OMG! You all saved me... I so don't need another "one season" brown bag! I WILL WAIT FOR THE GOLD BIRKIN! Yes, it is official! Thanks to the H forum I saved $2-3K today...

    :wlae: :wlae: :wlae: Feeling good about a mental shift to the Birkin fund...thanks again!
  2. A gold Birkin is worth waiting for....just beautiful!!:yahoo:
  3. A gold Birkin is worth waiting for....just beautiful!!:yahoo:

    Sorry about the double post....I just too excited thinking about it!
    I saw Luxwear Luxury Accessories website and she has a gold 35 Birkin...amazing!!
  4. Woohoo! Be patient SoCal, the Gold Birkin is waiting for you! :wlae:
  5. I'll bet you find a gold Birkin in France. This is a lifetime bag! Kudos to you for holding out for what you really want!
  6. LOL! I had to take a look...hmm...my precise desire is "available"...35 gold togo w/ PH... Alas...I am still safe...my birkin must come to me directly from Hermes (my personal quirk)... Once again, my resolve is reinforced... (I actually tried to call the SA again to now decline the Chanel bag, but still no answer)...
  7. I am waiting for the same bag as u. I hope we'll both get it soon. pls update when you get it.
  8. Good for you SoCal! A gold birkin will definitely be worth the wait!
  9. LOL...soon is such a relative term, huh...my black birkin purchase was quite recent...I hope you receive your gold birkin before me! Sending good karma your way!
  10. I am feeling so logical now...just glad I held off on a purchase I was likely to use 2-3 times before selling on ebay... (Ugh! That has happened before...sometimes good sense or true product knowledge doen't kick in until you have tried it out...)
  11. you are so sweet.:yahoo:
  12. :yahoo: I love that kind of savings. :yes:
  13. It's weird SoCal, it just happens you somehow don't want any other bags.....i'm selling most of my old ones or giving them to my daughter....I even took out an older garden party and started carrying it around.....good luck on your gold togo - i'm up for that one too!!!!
  14. Oh that is a good feeling! Congrats for being good and patient!
  15. Just told DH my story of "handbag denial" today...he was like... :yes: :yes: :yes:

    Finished the story by indicating that I need to leave room in my life (and in my checkbook) for the possibility of an amazing find at H Madrid...he was like... :wtf:

    LOL...I was like :yes: :yes: :yes:

    Better to get him prepared, I think...he will be be shopping with me...will make sure we have several glasses of wine at lunch to further the preparation and conditioning treatment... :drinkup: