H Factory Outlet...??

  1. Hey all,

    I heard from a friend that there's a H factory outlet in Sydney. Is it true?? And if so, are the items authentic?? It does sound too good to be true...

    Thank you all.
  2. Sounds very suspicious to me.
  3. Sorry vogue would not have a clue
  4. I thought H destroyed any items that were imperfect or didn't sell in the sale?
  5. Gosh, I can't imagine... that would really cheapen the brand IMHO.
  6. I don´t think so
  7. My friend told me it's somewhere at like St Peter's or something. Anyone in Sydney can confirm??

    I thought it sounded weird too. Too good to be true, actually.. I've got a feeling the items are not real...
  8. they do
  9. Sorry V they dont have ANY factory outlet. My SA told me that anything that doesnt sell or is damaged will be destroyed. I think the reason for Sample sells are to get rid of items that have been shelved for a long time. I remember getting several belts, a pair of shoes, and a wallet at a sample sale. Some had little things wrong with them (scratch on H buckle, shoe was scuffed at the heel). Maybe thats what your friend was thinking about??? Sample sales.
  10. hermes outlets do not exist and yes, items are destroyed if not sold
  11. Vogue, here in Australia there is a second leather goods company also named Hermes (without the accent) they are quite old and established and quite good quality, i have never bought anything from them (i dont know where they sell it anyway) but my friend has 3 or 4 vintage bags and they are starting to break down after 20 years. SO maybe its this company that your friend has mentioned. Im not really that interested in their products so i wouldn't know. HTH
  12. ^ NM: oh.. Maybe that's what my friend was talking about. I really don't know. But I didn't expect that they had factory outlets anyway..

    Thanks all.